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Letter sent on Jan 15

Launching ContentCat

Connecting Medium Influencers with Businesses

Connecting Medium influencers with businesses
ContentCat helps businesses to hire Medium influencers to produce great content. Use ContentCat to get your message across and get noticed!

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We love our writers, more than 800 writers(contributors) published on Coinmonks, many of them are professional bloggers and influencers on medium, we work with them and always find ways to help them.

As Medium is a non-advertising blogging platform, with writers paid directly from Medium’s subscription revenue, writers payouts are not very attractive. We observed that many Medium writer’s payouts are not equal to typical blogging market rates.

On the other hand, Businesses wants to reach their audience in a meaningful way. They spend thousands of $$$ for producing content and then promoting them on social media.

ContentCat helps business to connect Medium influencers who already famous in their community for creating rich content. Hence reaching to their audience in a meaningful way.

Let’s get on call — https://calendly.com/contentcat/30min

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