Learn Steem Blockchain using Python | Part 1

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3 min readFeb 20, 2021


In this Blockchain era, any newbie might get lost with cryptocurrency’s price. But there are some true Blockchain applications which has enough potential like Steem.


Steem brings with a completely new application unlike in Blockchain world, where almost everyone thinks in terms of financial use cases. Steem comes with the platform in 2016 — Steemit: An Incentivized Social platform for content creators & curators.

Steemit background

My Story

Well, I discovered this potential Blockchain quite late after an year almost.

My account: abhi3700 in Steemit platform

This platform showed to the world then (& even now) that truly, a social platform can run ad-free and content creators & curators can literally earn a lot out of creating original content.

It was a roller coaster ride for me to reach to a reputation of 53 and accomplishing as the difficulty level kept on growing based on a logarithmic scale. There are multiple communities built like related to health, travel, food, etc. So, the platform caters to any topics. I also showed to a friend of mine, who actually couldn’t believe that a person can actually earn unlike other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube…, where based on the creator’s content the platform earns millions, billions of dollars, but the content creators earn in pennies that too just via Ad program.

Being a developer, I indulged with a community called Utopian.io. Here, any coder can literally earn for their piece of code uniquely written for any project of their choice following plagiarism rules. The earning comes from a bot via tipping. Basically, a community bot would comment down below if any rules violated, give instructions for any further work to do. Also, moderators are there to find if the article/content is plagiarized. And then community bot tips the moderator like this:

A plagiarized content in Utopian community in Steemit platform

And this was a completely game changing experience, in terms of creating original content. Obviously, money was the ultimate motivation for any content creator & curator here.

So, the last post which I did on Steemit was 3 years ago. And I am back with putting content on Medium related to Steemit (and my experience with it), but in terms of Data Analytics using Python & modern tools.

That’s it for now…

Stay tuned for more…

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