Learn the Ethereum language Vyper from within your browser!

Intro To Vyper Lesson in ChainShot

We’re excited to introduce ChainShot’s first interactive lesson for the Vyper language. This is a good module to get your feet wet with the language if you’re curious as to what all the buzz is about!

In addition to the Intro Lesson, we’ll also be releasing our Weekly Challenges in both Solidity and Vyper from here forward! Compete to be on the leaderboard, and for a limited time, earn prizes!

Thanks to ETH Prize

We’d like to give a shout out to ETH Prize whose bounties have allowed us to follow our ambitions and create this Vyper content for the community.

Earn your SNAKE badge!

Excited? I sure hope so!

Be sure to check out Intro To Vyper and follow us on Twitter for more ChainShot Vyper updates!