LoremBoard: The Oracle for your Crypto portfolio

Krissanawat Kaewsanmuang


LoremBoard is the best portfolio dashboard for the farmer. It offers crypto tracking not only for today but also fetches the history which will help you forecast. The platform provides invaluable insights to help you make investment decisions. It facilitates collection, display, analysis, notification, and suggestion for any kind of information.

This post will provide a walk through of the LoremBoard platform highlighting some of its amazing features.

Wallet History

The first major feature is the Wallet with the history feature. You can easily view all your wallet transactions from the past in the one single screen as shown in the screenshot below:

Cumulative PNL

Statistical and Graphical analyses are an essential aspects when it comes to decision-making on investments. The platform provides Cumulative Profit and Loss with the help of a line chart so that you can make easy analysis:

It also provides the data in the form of bar chart as well:

Farm Summarize

You can easily view all your asset value statistically as well as in the do-nut chart in Farm summarize screen as shown in the screenshot below:

Also, you can get the detail on each LP pair from the screen as well:

Since the platform focuses on analysis and decision making, there is also the provision of in-depth analysis with the following view:

You can also check the performance from graphical analysis:


The history page enables us to access all our past portfolio transactions with details:

You can also filter your view based on TVL, Reward or Value:

Support Farm

The platform supports more than 48 support farms on BSC and it is constantly and continually adding more to it:

การระดมทุน ILO

LoremBoard plans to raise fund on FoodCourt Finance on 31 July to 1 August. You can find details on Telegram.