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Masa Finance, Building the World’s First Hybrid Credit Protocol & Decentralized Credit Bureau

May 2022

Following our investment in PngMe, we continued to double down on the ecosystem being built by contributing to Masa Finance, a first-of-its-kind hybrid credit protocol, Pre-Seed funding round for $3.5 million USD (closed in November 2021) with Unshackled Ventures, executives from GoldenTree Asset Management, Flori Ventures (Celo-focused fund), GSR, Decentranet, Intersect VC, Lateral Capital, Peer VC, Alves Ventures, and several angel investors in the fintech/blockchain space including Louis Beryl (founder of Earnest), Gustavo Menezes, and Jacob Riglin; a high-profile NFT artist who will be launching future NFT-collateralized loan products.

Masa has developed a critical infrastructure component for Web3 that enables on-chain credit scoring for billions of people globally. By aggregating off-chain and on-chain data into a non-fungible credit report, Masa gives lenders and developers easy access to the tools needed to evaluate borrower risk and launch lending products for individuals and businesses globally. Masa aggregates over 10,000 sources of off-chain data (bank, credit bureau, and alternative data) from 78 countries through integrations with credit bureaus, bank data aggregators, and alternative data through its partner Pngme. Additionally, Masa has global coverage for on-chain data through 26 integrations to exchanges and wallets — opening up a market of 4.95 billion people through its decentralized credit infrastructure.

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Through Masa, individuals and businesses can link, manage, and track off-chain and on-chain data to leverage their complete financial profile as a hybrid credit score — enabling access to credit through fully on-chain services. Liquidity providers can fund lending pools in rated tranches, allowing them to gain returns that outperform traditional markets.

“The current financial system fails to serve individuals fairly and equitably with equal access to education, tools, and custom financial products that include investments, savings, and responsible access to credit,” said Brendan Playford, Masa’s Founder. “Masa believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to build wealth by leveraging credit. By combining centralized and decentralized finance elements, Masa’s platform will play a vital role in establishing an inclusive credit system and onboard the first billion users to DeFi.”

Source: TechCrunch / Masa Finance

Masa is building on Celo and Ethereum, has 36,000 people signed up to the platform, and 2,100+ node operators on its live testnet that supports zero-knowledge private transactions and smart contracts. Masa has seen double-digit growth each month as they’ve started rolling out their platform into different markets. The first credit products launching on the protocol include a credit builder loan, uncollateralized loans, and an SME line of credit through its app. Masa was selected to participate in CoinList Seed Fall 21 and was the winner of CeloCamp Batch 4.

About Masa Finance: Masa Finance seeks to disrupt traditional centralized credit infrastructure by providing individuals, businesses, and developers with the tools to access credit and enable untapped wealth creation for 4.95B people globally. Masa is a hybrid credit protocol that links traditional financial accounts and assets (credit bureau records and bank data) to crypto holdings to determine an all-encompassing non-fungible credit report, enabling access to a wide range of financial tools and instruments. The Masa platform empowers individuals and businesses to create a decentralized credit report, increasing their investing and purchasing power and unlocking access to markets and capital that traditional finance does not.



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