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MDB Token Launch - 29 APR 2022

MDB is working to #MakeDeFiBetter

What is MDB?

  • KYC Verified by the Obsidian Council
  • Multi sig on the main investment wallet
  • SOLIDProof AAA security audit of the Smart Contract
  • Will utilize Quantum Liquidity as a Service (Sphere)

What is MDB’s purpose?

How does it work?

How is MDB Different?

RoadMap (note: most initiatives are underway or complete)

  • Launch socials & begin marketing (Complete)
  • Apply for audit (Certik & Solidity) (Complete)
  • Complete private & presales (Complete)
  • Public Launch on Pancakeswap (Complete)
  • Launch Millionaire’s Club & VIP (Complete)
  • Apply for CMC & Coingecko listings (Complete)
  • Announce initial partnerships (Complete, check Discord for more info)
  • Confirm initial Trust Fund investments (Complete)
  • Launch The Gravity Project (Complete, check Discord for more info)
  • Website V2 (Complete)
  • Dapp
  • Launch Phase 2 (MDB Plus)
  • Implement QLaaS
  • Continue high level marketing campaign & press releases
  • Launch Phase 3 (MDB Stake)
  • Announce new partnerships
  • List on further decentralized exchanges
  • Launch Project X (to be announced)
  • Launch Phase 4 (to be announced)

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Make DeFi Better -

MDB is an innovative and original DeFi token on the BSC network, utilizing a unique Capital Synergy mechanism to ensure long term, perpetual growth.