Mind Body Disputes

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3 min readApr 24, 2023


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Does the mind control the body or the others around?

What is consciousness? Do you ever talk to yourself through your mind? Who is that person?

Any of these types of questions are wandering around in your head.

We used to discuss the idea of dualism which there are the physical world and the supernatural world.

We are no longer discussing such separation anymore, or at least, we do not care anymore.

Since we had science to lead the progress of the society, everything has changed. Better or worst, it offers better living styles and we discovered more from such processes.

But we seem to plateau at the moment with the progress of science and supernatural belief is slowly coming back.

Because human beings are afraid of being replaced by the robot, they argue that robot does not have souls.

But where are those souls?

Those souls are gradually evolved into intelligence.

And people argue that robot does not have intelligence.

So, does intelligence is part of the soul feature or is it the soul?

Again, a similar argument happens in the current AI trend.

AI does not have intelligence but it is artificial intelligence.

So how come a physical object suddenly acts like it has “a soul”?

The answer is that AI does something close to seem like an intelligence activity, but it is created by humans who determine how AI behaviors like humans.

In simple words: the programmer tells how AI works without creating consciousness for AI.

Photo by Uday Mittal on Unsplash

Yeah, I know, it is confusing and makes your head explode.

Let’s try this way, let’s discuss death.

Human dies.

A machine may die.


Because human has consciousness, and when a human dies, the consciousness stops. At least, this is a modern definition of death in medical terms.