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⛏ Mining on DigitalOcean?

TL;DR Don’t do it!


  • DigitalOcean 512 MB/ 20 GB Disk / SGP1 — Ubuntu 16.04.3 x64
  • Coffee ☕️


First attempt

I use xmr-stak-cpu which not that straight forward for Ubuntu, some learning curve needed there. Good news here’s my working setup step (coin-hive link) to deploy for that.

Results : ~25 hashes/s

But you have to reach Minimum Payment Threshold which is 1.000 XMR so it’s nearly forever in this case. So I decided to shut it down :)

Second attempt

I use coin-hive via npm and yet again it’s a bit tricky to deploy on Ubuntu. Guess what here’s my working setup step (coin-hive link) for that!

Poor nodejs

Results : ~10 hashes/s


And here’s what it burn

Hungry dude there ;)

We rather shut it down, It’s not good for anyone there :)

Worth it?


Payout is 0.00016287 XMR per 1M hashes with 1XMR threshold but we can do only 10 h/s (~26,784,000 hashes per month = 0.00436231008 XMR per month = $0.4 per month) on $5 monthly droplets cost which mean we just lost -$4.6 per month bummer!

One more thing

The other way is mining in browser with coin-hive while provide a good service and do let user know that they have to mine for using your web application.

And here’s my attempt to provide mining benchmark services, You can try it to see how much your browser can mine. (And you will be surprise about the results there)

I’ll collect the results and blog about it so be chill, do clap and try mining benchmark :D

In the mean time go try it out ->

Note (ref)

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