Modern Economic Nonsense — A Show of Recession

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2 min readJun 8, 2022


A recession is when the market takes a break ☕️ and slows down the expansion. You assume everything will become affordable because of the recession, and you have an opportunity to buy things you cannot afford.

The reality is you probably won’t be able to afford it even if there is a recession. Everything will become more expensive than ever 😂.

It is an economic show where the rich are shuffling their shopping cart, and the poor watch it from different angles.

It is all about debts that the rich accumulated so much that they cannot afford to have more at the same speed, so deflating a bit of debt is a healthy way to continue keeping pace to have more obligations in the future.

And the rich are not required to pay off debts.

Did you notice that 😢?

Wait, you may wonder why the rich get away from debts? Because the system is designed to be this way.

The fiat currency is a debt owed by the central bank. But they didn’t have to fulfill the obligations if they did not want to.

But people can still trade with or without a currency.

Okay, you probably think I am dreaming.

Let me show you an example that you don’t need currency for trade.

You grew up with your best buddy in the small town, and one day he invited you to his house for dinner. You wanted to pay him back after the lovely dinner, but he insisted on a gift. So you took it and treated it as a favor. And next time when you had an opportunity, you treated him to even better meals as a return of gratuity.

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See! It is traded without a currency.

So the central bank lies about the valuation of a piece of paper yet people take it for granted. Also, a piece of paper is a debt design that is impossible to pay off because of interest rates that grow faster than its valuation.

Everything is inflating into infinity if they design correctly.

But nothing is forever. God knows when the growth stops. So they created a recession to remind themselves about this. But again, they probably forgot about the reminder, too 😂.

The good thing is debts can be created easily as long as they aren’t able to pay off!

What is the point of paying off the debt if you continue printing more debts?

So you shouldn’t worry about the recession because the trading needs no currency.