Modern Economic Nonsense — A very long term view

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2 min readMay 28, 2022


The purpose of the economy is to survive as long as possible 🐢. At least, that is my perspective about how the economy should work.

The stock market is a short-term perspective to forecast a seemly long-term goal 🐇.

Like a race between turtle and rabbit, everyone knows how it ends, but no one pays attention to the real-life trap between the market and the economy.

The rabbit 🐇 is the stock market, and the turtle 🐢 is the economy.

The rabbit always seems to win every time in the short term, but the turtle always catches up in the end.

Some cryptocurrencies act like a rabbit to race with the stock market, but others act like a turtle to race with the economy.

Build up your turtle way to weather the economy.

Here are some ideas:

1️⃣ Think a very long term

Short-term thinking is inefficient. It drives up your emotion and greed to make mistakes you later regret. Try to think of a long-term perspective instead.

2️⃣ Be consistence

Take a consistence approach. Never try to eat a whole cake with a bite.

3️⃣ Be patient

Nothing beats your patient if you can wait for a longer-term. So the goal is to sustain it as long as possible.

Be a turtle instead 🐢!

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