Modern Economic Nonsense — Bitcoin vs. Real Estate

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2 min readMay 27, 2022


Banks hate Bitcoin ₿, and they cannot do anything about it. So, therefore, they are joining altogether.

I was not surprised by JPMorgan’s announcement about their Bitcoin investment over the Real Estate investment.

Real Estate has no value. It is expensive not because it is valuable in any rational sense. People kept buying up the real estate because there was government support not to allow it to fail. It is the income stream for the government through taxation and the income stream for the bank to charge through loans.

Does such a process sustainable? Apparently, it does not.

Nations with expensive real estate have their economy stagnate.

Economists try to sell you that it is not a supply and demand issue. The more people buy real estate, does not let the price drive up! It should go down!

Unfortunately, when the price goes down, both banks and the government lose their income streams. It should not allow this to happen!

So people keep buying up the real estate, and the cost of living is skyrocketing. Whoever bought it earlier laughs at people who bought it late. Such lubricated business is about to bust sooner or later.

The problem of real estate is similar to stablecoin. Everything is created from nothing, and when something is too big to fail, it fails miserably.

It brought down the entire global economy in 2008 due to the housing crisis. It will reoccur again. Banks knew better than everyone else. Nothing can raise its price as high as no one can afford, so such an asset will come down fast. It gets worse when such an asset is illiquidity.

You cannot exchange your real estate instantly with a load of money. When the market crashes, the price will drop faster than you to sell your real estate.

Also, your real estate will be worth much less than initially appraised.

Of course, the government can print more money to support the real estate market. But such printing level is much upscaling than the COVID level they did.

The key takeaway is there is no insurance plan when your housing price goes down.

That is probably why JPMorgan is about to dive into Bitcoin.

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