Modern Economic Nonsense — Metaverse is still relevant or not

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2 min readJun 6, 2022


Metaverse sounds like a loser hideout 👎 rather than the winner trophy 🏆.

The younger generation cannot afford anything these days. From education to real estate, everything costs more than they can imagine. So there is no time for them to build up wealth while accumulating anything the previous generation can possess.

Metaverse is their hope and imagination that one day they can possess anything that previous generations can achieve at the same age.

Yet, people laugh at youngsters and tell them they are just a dreamer.

Why you buy a virtual land with no value — the elder mockingly tells the youngster.

Because I cannot afford the real one! — the youngster replies with anger and frustration, yet there is nothing they can do about it.

Elders may never understand why young people are prone to Ponzi Scheme and spend their money in the dumpster. Still, they will never worry that affordability is near the crisis level and that future generation will own nothing but their fantasy in the untouchable imaginary land.

And who really cares if you cannot afford the piece of land. No one will care about it because you can be poor and not possess any real assets.

What is the point of working if you can no longer purchase a place to raise your family?

Many younger generations got pushed away and entered Metaverse even though they knew there was risky business to enter. At least, those people who joined are the same kind of people facing the same dilemma.

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Where are we heading?

Should anyone care? Or just push those youngsters into Metaverse then? Problem sovled 🎉!