Modern Economical Nonsense — Zug Tax and How to Run your Own Monopoly

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3 min readApr 17, 2022


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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had criticized Apple for changing developers by 30% for in-app purchases via the App Store. His solution to bring fairness to the creator, charge you 47.5% for using my platform! Baby! As much as it sounds outrageous to you, Meta’s justification is we are running a meta monopoly!

Can Meta prevail this time?

Let’s explore.

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Monopoly Nation

The best way to make profits in the short term is to become a monopoly. You can control the supply of goods and services. There is an abundance of demands waiting for your supplies. In the past, people controlled salt, sugar, food, coal, petroleum, steel, diamonds, gold, and many commodities. Then, it evolved into controlling utilities like electricity, natural gas, water, cable television, phone, internet, and medical services. There are also monopolies of transportation, trade, professional sports, alcohol, tobacco, software, computer chips, genetic technology, military equipment, entertainment, and many more to come.

Monopoly is Bad

Economists point out that monopoly leads to less innovation, losses in quality, and higher inflation to dump into customers. But is monopoly always bad? Yes! Because it takes away welfare through the exploitation of the short-term profits and creates a long-term problem that is harder to deal with. They will sacrifice innovation to exchange for profits. But we all know innovation is a key to driving society forward. However, the position opposing monopoly has changed since. Some actually believe that monopoly can be beneficial.

Metaverse Monopoly