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Moonbirds — Road to Becoming a Super Successful NFT. Marketing Guide.

Moonbirds NFT promotion guide
Moonbirds 10k PFP NFT

1. Strong Team

Kevin Rose, Moonbirds co-founder. Photo by TechCrunch
Ryan Carson, Moonbirds co-fonder
Justin Mezzel, CPO of PROOF

2. Previous NFT success: PROOF

3. Community Building

4. Additional NFT value and features

Moonbirds NFT nesting

5. Celebrity Holders

6. PR and Media

7. Mint Features (and discouraging bots)

  • Wallet must contain 2.5 ETH until the end of the raffle
  • Discord and Twitter accounts need to be connected
  • 7,875 whitelist winners public sale
  • 2,000 PROOF members
  • 125 strategic reserve for marketing, collaborations, and so on

8. Post Mint

  • Moonbird #2642 sold for 320 ETH (~$1 million at that time)
  • This record was set within a week of the collection’s launch
  • The buyer of the NFT was The Sandbox
  • The seller bought the NFT on OpenSea for 100 ETH a week before
The first week after the Monnbirds mint

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