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Never Buy Crypto Drunk

Unless it is BTC.

Photo by Pierre Borthiry - Peiobty on Unsplash

Story time!

1. Jacket

I had a friend that bought a $400 jacket after drinking a couple of bears. He never wore it afterward. Maybe because it was red? Not sure.

2. Too rich to understand

I have met a doctor once that explained to me, how he always wanted to purchase an apartment in Berlin. Apparently he had his contract ready and everything, but couldn’t decide between two options. He got drunk and bought both. This is some rich people problems, that I don’t understand.


I also may have (or may have not, I won’t admit it) purchased $100 worth of DRIP token 2 months ago. I’m grateful that I didn’t have more money available at that time.

I wish I made this mistake 10 years ago with BTC!


Enough of terrible life choices — here is well-structured advice:

It is generally not a good idea to make any major financial decisions while under the influence of alcohol, as it can impair judgment and lead to poor decision-making. This includes buying cryptocurrency. It is always best to make informed, rational decisions when dealing with investments. It’s better to wait until you are sober and have had time to research and consider your options before making any crypto-related purchase.

I have spent some time on the internet, and I have found a list of things that people bought while being under influence:

  1. Someone bought a last-minute, non-refundable plane ticket — and their passport was expired.
  2. A third dog.
  3. A pig.
  4. Dadbod beach towel.
  5. 45 kg of cheese.
  6. BONK token (you did it, didn’t you?)
  7. 27 pizzas for two people. (This one is actually not bad.)

Do you have any personal experiences — worst buys you ever made?

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