New Self-Custody Options: $VET and $VTHO Now Manageable On Ledger Live & Coinify’s Fiat On-Ramp

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3 min readJan 22, 2024


Another day, another new technical integration completed by the VeChain developer team.

We’re pleased to share that our core tokens, $VET & $VTHO, are now fully manageable on the Ledger Live platform — Ledger’s one-stop shop for blockchain digital asset custody!

Through their suite of hardware wallet products, we’ve enabled a game-changing custody solution for hodlers and builders looking to take advantage of our enterprise-grade sustainable infrastructure on Ledger’s trusted platform.

Head to Ledger Live and get started!

Top Tier Digital Asset Security

Ledger’s hardware wallets have set a high bar for security in the industry, protecting user private keys through their bespoke devices. Following this integration, VeChain users can now enjoy the best of both worlds: Ledger’s impenetrable security matched with VeChain’s forward-thinking, enterprise-grade technology.

Users are now empowered to execute seamless $VET and $VTHO transactions with the peace of mind that their digital assets are safely secured by a trusted custody solution. The integration emphasizes user autonomy, granting VeChain enthusiasts the ability to manage their digital assets directly, securely, and sustainably.

Curious how to use Ledger Live to manage your VeChain assets? VetMaik has you covered!

You can check out his video tutorial here.

Fiat On-Ramp Integration Through Coinify

Bolstering the integration, we recently announced a separate integration on to Coinify, Ledger Live’s native fiat on-ramp.

Through Coinify, users can buy, sell and transfer VET and VTHO all from the Ledger Live ecosystem, offering a full suite of digital asset management options on a single platform.

Building The Future of Web3

VeChain is proud to sit at the forefront of blockchain innovation, prioritizing the development of real-world-ready sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure.

Our integration with Ledger Live is a testament to our continued commitment to providing the community with diverse solutions that are both technologically advanced and able to meet a wide array of user needs.

Let’s continue to grow together, responsibly and securely. Celebrate this milestone with us and take control of your assets like never before!

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