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BOXVERSE: Inside the Journey of NFTs

What is NFT?

Why NFTs are Shaping Whole New World?

Source: DappRadar
Axie Infinity
Source: Nike + RTFKT

Pioneers & Possibilities of NFT

  • NFT & Collectibles
Axie Infinity, play-to-earn
Source: CryptoKitties, ConsenSys
Merge, pak
Source: Nifty Gateway
  • NFT & DeFi
Source: Aavegotchi
Uniswap V3, AMM, DEX
Source: Uniswap, MVP WORKSHOP
  • NFT & Identity
BAYC, bored ape, PFP
Source: Bored Ape Yacht Club
ENS, name service, eth
Source: ENS
  • NFT & Game
Axie Infinity, play-to-earn, nft
Source: Axie Infinity
Gala games, gamefi
Source: Gala Games
  • NFT & DAO
Doge, pleasrDAO, NFT
Source: PleasrDAO, fractionalized NFTs of Meme DOGE NFT.
Source: CoinDesk, 2021 Alexi Rosenfeld
Opensea, nft marketplace
Source: Opensea
Source: Decentraland

BOXVERSE — BOXTradEx NFT Marketplace

  • Homepage of BOXVERSE
  • NFT Collections and Details…
  • NFT Auction and more to reveal…
auction, nft

BOXER — Symbol of Crypto Innovator

One-Stop Crypto Platform, Bridging Real World to Crypto Wonderland.

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