Ocean Protocol Ambassador Program Full Guide: Learn, Connect, and Grow with the Ocean Community

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Greetings friends, I present to you an updated and most detailed article on the Ocean Protocol Ambassador Program. Here you will find a full-fledged guide on how to go from recruit to ambassador and become a part of the most promising ecosystem at the moment in the crypto industry. All aboard!


Ocean Protocol is not just a technology, but an entire philosophy that seeks to change the world of data. Ocean Protocol is a decentralized platform that allows people and organizations to freely share, sell and use data without violating their rights and privacy, a kind of bridge between data and artificial intelligence that opens new opportunities for innovation and social good.

The Ocean Protocol token (OCEAN) is a multifunctional token that is used to validate the best datatokens and to allow users to participate in the management and buying and selling of data.

The OCEAN token can also be used to participate in OceanDAO, a decentralized organization that funds Ocean Protocol-related projects. OCEAN token holders can block their tokens at df.oceandao.org and receive a VeOcean. They can then either receive passive rewards for holding their veocean or receive active rewards for bidding on potentially tradable datasets.

The Ocean Protocol Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for decentralized data economy enthusiasts to join the global Ocean Protocol community and contribute to the development and dissemination of this innovative technology.

Ocean Protocol Ambassadors are active and motivated participants who share their knowledge, experience and passion for Ocean Protocol with other people and organizations.

Who would be suitable for this program?

Absolutely everyone. Whether you are a professional ambassador or a beginner, Ocean Protocol provides a fundamentally strong foundation for both beginners and professionals.

Ocean Protocol works with various platforms to consolidate your contribution to the program, such as rep3 or Postmint, which allows you to acquire your own digital portfolio, as well as when you participate in the program you receive your digital personal NFT badge, which allows you to be identified as a member of the program.

Our community is a place with some really awesome people from Web3 users to full-fledged developers with their own team and working projects. By joining you’ll get much more than rewards, you’ll get to sharpen your skills, improve your abilities and mastery.

I strongly encourage you to participate, regardless of your experience and skills — Ocean Protocol Ambassador is really your strongest trump card in your portfolio.

Program structure

The Ocean Protocol Ambassador Program presents 5 levels of participation, each with increasing responsibilities and rewards.

Levels of participation in the program:
- Level 1: Recruit (0–49 XP)
- Level 2: Master Supporter (50–99 XP)
- Level 3: Ambassador (100–299 XP)
- Level 4: Elite Ambassador (300–999 XP)
- Level 5: Legendary Ambassadors (1000 XP+)

Below I will break down each level with a detailed description.

Level 1: Recruit (0–49 XP)

To become a recruit you need to successfully complete a 5 question quiz about Ocean Protocol, you can learn about this in the How to Apply section.

Main objective: Your main task at this stage is to learn, share and exchange valuable information about the protocol, ask questions and participate in discussions on the #treasure-hunter channel.

Your goal is to score 50 points to advance to the next level, it won’t take long with proper diligence and good knowledge.

To learn how to earn points, see How to earn XP.

Level 2: Master Supporter (50–99 XP)

Once you have accumulated enough points, you advance to the next level of Master Supporter (you’re already halfway to the honorary badge of Ambassador, congratulations).

You have become a valuable mentor for new recruits. With your new status, you also get your personalized PFP Bage for your profile and you can start earning $OCEAN by completing small tasks.

Keep up the good work, help new recruits and earn points to become an Ambassador.

Level 3: Ambassador (100–299 XP)

To become an Ambassador you will need to:

  • Reach 100 points on the server in Discord
  • Help and invite at least 3 recruits
  • Record a unique Ocean Protocol video (This is confidential, don’t worry).
  • Complete a minimum of 3 bounties

The benefits you get by becoming an Ambassador:

  • You get full rights to the Ambassadors channel
  • Access to unique bounty tasks with rewards
  • Unique PFP badge
  • Access to personalized tasks tailored to your skills
    From now on you are a full member of the Ambassadors community, create and earn, everything is in your hands.

Level 4: Elite Ambassador (300–999 XP)

Level 4 is rightfully an exclusive circle of ambassadors, and your outstanding contributions have proven that you are truly worthy of this promotion.

Once you achieve this role, you can be rewarded with a reward of up to 500 $Ocean tokens

You will then be able to complete tasks and earn rewards

This amount can be transferred to your wallet on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, you now have access to elite assignments.

To achieve this level you will need to:

  • Get 300 points on the server
  • Complete at least 7 bounties and placing in at least 3 bounties.
  • Invite 5 recruits and 5 Master Supporter

This is a significant accomplishment and an exceptional effort to be a valued part of the Ambassador Team.

Level 5: Legendary Ambassador (1000 XP+)

This elite title is reserved for those who have made tremendous contributions to the OCEAN Ambassador and OceanProtocol program.
As a Legendary Ambassador, you will be honored with a unique and prestigious profile picture (PFP) symbolizing your outstanding dedication and impact on the community.

To become a truly Legendary Ambassador, you will need to:

  • Achieve 1000 points on the server
  • Adopt a minimum of 3 elite ambassadors
  • Complete 10 standard bounties and 3 elite bounties (As a minimum)

Upon attaining this rank you receive:

  • Airdrop up to 5000 $Ocean tokens
  • Meet Ocean Founders
  • Incredibly unique badge
  • Fame and honor

How to earn XP points

XP points are an integral part of your career advancement. This is where you will start your exciting journey. I share with you how to earn XP points:

  1. Answer, ask questions, discuss the protocol on the #treasure-hunter channel.
    IMPORTANT! Do not use ChatGPT or other neural networks to generate answers, in most cases this information will be outdated, and besides, the protocol and the community are closely related to artificial intelligence, all your generations will be noticed, and you will be exposed.
    Do not waste time on this, it is better to spend a little time and figure out how the protocol works, I will provide all the links to the current information, believe me it will be easier and much more interesting.
  2. Participate in daily topic discussions that the curator reports in #treasure-hunter channel. This is one of the fastest ways to score points with competent and unique answers.
  3. Create and publish a dataset and earn 25 XP points right from the start! This current task will become available to you after you get the role of a recruit, you can find it in the pinned messages on the #treasure-hunter channel.
  4. Be sure to participate in the Weekly XP image bounty channel. Every week, the Ambassador Lead gives you a unique task, you will need to generate an image for the necessary topic and description of the task (In this case, you can use any convenient neural networks and generators for you to really create a masterpiece.)
  5. Attend meetups and community calls, sometimes for attending them you will be able to earn a small amount of XP points. If this is available, the leader of the ambassadors Blockchainlugano will say it in the general chat.

You have many ways to become part of the ambassador team in a short time and start earning rewards, don’t waste time!

To participate in the program and become part of the Ocean Protocol community, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the server using this link
  2. After joining you will be taken to the #treasure-hunter channel, please familiarize yourself with the documentation and basic Ocean Protocol concepts to complete your application. (Read the useful links section )

3. In the #treasure-hunter channel, go to the attached post, open the thread, and follow the specified steps (you must type the /apply command in the text line, then take a small test in the bot that will message you in the DM).

4. Congratulations if you have successfully passed the test and received the rank of recruit. Your exciting journey is just beginning, good luck on board!

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Useful Links

Links to official Ocean Protocol resources and websites that will help you delve into this robust ecosystem:

  1. https://oceanprotocol.com/ — official site
  2. https://blog.oceanprotocol.com/ — All news and interesting articles from Ocean Protocol are collected on the official blog.
  3. https://docs.oceanprotocol.com/Help for wherever you are on your Ocean Protocol journey.
  4. https://github.com/oceanprotocol — Github
  5. https://twitter.com/oceanprotocol X(twitter)

Articles and sites that will help you understand the latest topics:

This article will be updated as updates and relevant information occur, thank you for reading and look forward to seeing you on board!
If you have any difficulties during the process or something is unclear, you can ping me on the server (@stip11)




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