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Overbit Review

Overbit Review 2021: Is it safe?


  • Overbit provides cross-market trading opportunities while still using Bitcoin as the underlying asset.
  • Provides 100X leverage on selected cryptocurrencies and 500X on Forex.
  • Offers Leverage trading and Margin trading options
  • Offers you a choice between isolated margin and cross margin.
  • Rewards tier points that can redeem Bitcoins.
  • No fee is charged on deposit or withdrawal.
  • Can choose from a fee or spread for every open position.
  • Implements military-grade security by storing each deposit in a cold wallet and SSL encryption of communication.

How to get started on Overbit?

Make an account

Make a deposit

KYC on Overbit

Make a withdrawal

Trading on Overbit

Overbit Crypto Trading Interface
Overbit Review: Markets
Overbit current Price

How to trade on Overbit?

  1. Choose between a buy or sell order
  2. Choose the amount of leverage that you will trade with
  3. Fill in the order details like the stop, limit price, and quantity.
  4. The trade is finalized when you hit the Buy XBT/USD button.
  5. This platform doesn’t offer any double confirmation. So, be extremely particular about the details.

Types of orders

Overbit Leveraged trading

Margin Trading

Cross margin and isolated margin

Overbit Review: Security

Overbit Review: Deposit and withdrawal fee

Liquidity on Overbit

Spread on Overbit

Overbit Supported Cryptocurrency Pairs

Overbit Review: User Experience

Overbit : Trading crypto on Tablet

Overbit Customer Support

Overbit Review: Pros and Cons


  • No Trading Fee
  • Cross-market trading opportunities in Forex and Gold
  • Easy to use interface
  • Rewards after each open trade
  • 24/7contact via email or chat


  • The platform is very new
  • A small selection of only 8 cryptocurrencies
  • Does not allow applicants from North Korea, Singapore, Seychelles, Crimea and Sevastopol, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Iran, and the United States.

Overbit Review: Conclusion

Overbit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



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