Pakt: bet crypto on yourself to build better habits

Alexandre Bensimon
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2 min readNov 17, 2022


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Why is it so hard to build healthy habits?

Health related content is all the rage these days: you have meditation podcasts, yoga videos on YouTube, cooking recipes on TikTok and fitness guides on Instagram.

Knowledge is abundant and easily accessible, so why is it still so hard to build healthy habits?

The usual process is: we get motivated to start a new workout routine after talking to someone or watching a video, or maybe from a new years resolution. We spend some time preparing, we buy fancy gear or register for a new gym. This time, we’re gonna do it right! We do this for 2 weeks perfectly, then we slowly settle back to our old habits.

We do this because the initial trigger that got us motivated is not strong enough anymore. We fantasized too much about the end result and the progress is too slow to be easily rewarding.

Motivation alone is not reliable. To build better habits, we need to keep going even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard. To stay consistent we need a robust system that will keep us in check.

What is Pakt?

Pakt allows you to pick a goal and bet money on your success, essentially making a “pakt” with yourself. At the end of the pakt, you win or lose money depending on your result.

Pakt uses data from your phone and fitness trackers to verify if you indeed reach your goals.

This system is designed to keep you consistent with:

  • Clear goals: to help reduce the overthinking we can feel when we have too many options.
  • Accountability: with the data verification system, you cannot trick yourself into shallow progress.
  • Short term incentives: the money you bet can help you go through the resistance you may feel when doing the habit.

How can I use it?

Pakt is a decentralized application. Your pakts data and logic are stored on a blockchain smart-contract. It means that you need a crypto wallet to interact with the application.

Find out how to get started in the Pakt documentation.

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