Past, Present & Future of Blockchain: Interview with EpicAi Founder Ryan Hickman

Below is a transcript from our Slack channel where we asked few question to Ryan Hickman about blockchain.

Me : Can you tell little bit history about crypto tech and where it lies in its current form ..and where it’s going?

Ryan : That question is a rabbit hole, however when you begin to peel back the layers of the onion you begin to realize that the essence of crypto/blockchain tech is all about collaboration across a community with game theory at its core. i.e. without miners there is no bitcoin. without nodes there is no Ethereum, etc. there in lies the greatest strength.

various people across the ecosystem finding ways to innovate on top of core ideas to forge new concepts that some find success where others may fail. you would be shocked if you read much of that score code from coin to coin to coin. The underlying technology is very much the same. the birth of bitcoin comes from the failure of the likes of b-money and others like bitgold. Adjustments in block sizes to remedy speed bring to life these forks like _lite coin_ and pure forks such as _bitcoin cash_ .

Where some would challenge these ideals and suggest you could implement many of these use cases without blockchain — arguably true, there are killer cases that these technologies enable. As devs and other innovators continue to find ways to identify those cases surrounding markets are going to speculate towards the future supporting (game theory) such innovations in the form of market making.
it’s funny because you can write an entire book on that subject. it’s very hard to summarise in short form.

Me : Can you tell us what are current problems with the blockchain tech ?

Ryan : Purely blockchain — tech speed, scale, fragmentation. 
Blockchain as cryptocurrency — liquidity, volatility and acceptance.
Last year we developed a transnational protocol for artificial intelligence on Ethereum. When it was time to scale it, it was a disaster. We needed transaction speeds between machine to happen in ms, Ethereum was bottle necking in mins.

Me : In terms of scalability and building blockchain on top of any platform like eos , eth or neo or others. which one is better, Ada is doing good and focusing on tech side very much?

Ryan : Lisk/Ark are my preferred, Lightweight, nodejs based (more suitable for web application), dPos (delegated proof of stake) and fixed time intervals.

Me: Can you tell us what kind of innovation you are seeing on blockchain tech ?

Ryan: Identity has some of the coolest cases I’ve seen. They have some of the best chances. A.I. of course as that is near and dear to my heart
Many of the projects are money grabs and simply don’t make sense to “blockchain-ifiy”.

Me : Can you tell you what’s it will look like when A.I will meet blockchain ..what kind of problems it will solve?

Ryan : The biggest problem it will solve is overcoming bias. (shameless plug → )

Me: How do you see miners in future blockchain industry?

Ryan : You have to rethink miners. Hardware miners as we know it will become a thing of the past due to speed limits. The future in hardware mining will be distributed/pooled infrastructure such as GPU to train ML models or to process predictions. Miners will become people who provide votes, stake-based audits and contribute to the game theory mechanics in newer yet very applicable ways… bottom line, yes. They are critical we just need to elevate our thinking around what the term `miner` really means.

Me: just more thing for our investor members, 
if you choose one Coin for future, which one it will be?

Ryan: I don’t think the coin of the future has yet been developed.
I’m a firm believer of `the code never lies` — which it does’t not. When blockchain tech can perform at the scale and speed of the existing protocols of the web, then I will hedge.

We thanks Ryan to give us time and share his views. He is also our community member.

Ryan Hickman is founder of Epic.AI, Passionately focused on building and investing in Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain. His latest project is CoinDealer — The World’s Most Secure Way to Buy, Sell and Store Digital Currency. Web, iOS & Android App. Services: Buy Digital Currency, Secure Storage.

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