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Paypal enables cryptocurrency / Eth2 ready to launch/ Singapore's biggest bank launching a crypto exchange

Harvest Finance Exploit / Stop the EARN IT Bill before it will break the encryption

  • Paypal launching a service that will enable customers to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies directly from their Paypal accounts.
  • DeFi protocol Harvest Finance was exploited and the attacker drained $33.8 million from the protocol and then returned $2.5 million.
  • A team of analysts at J.P. Morgan’s Global Markets Strategy group is touting Bitcoin’s emergence as an alternative to gold among millennials, suggesting a “doubling or tripling” in the price of the cryptocurrency if current trends continue.
  • Bitsgap introduces the Futures trading terminal and Futures trading bots coming soon.

Coinrule Crowdfunding Campaign — Invest In The Most User-Friendly Trading Bot

Coinrule developed an innovative interface that allows building automated trading strategies without coding skills in just a few steps. After launching the most user-friendly smart-assistant for trading and growing to become an outstanding option for crypto traders, UK-based Coinrule is currently expanding, launching a Seedrs crowdfunding campaign that will further boost features. The campaign is already 140% funded by over 300 investors. Invest here.


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Source — Paypal will not allow you to withdraw your crypto to any other 3rd party wallet


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