Prepare now for the oncoming crypto bull market

Shining Bull Astrology
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2 min readAug 28, 2023


Hello All and I hope You are enjoying this day. Although the market does not seem promising, I See that in fact we are at a key period during which it can end up being quite profitable to start planning for the bull.

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But I’m emailing you now to let you know that i have a flash sale currently for my new book BITCOIN COUNTRIES. This sale gets You my new book BITCOIN COUNTRIES normally priced at $41 (and of a much, much higher value to investors and forex traders,) for only $4 CAD. I’m doing this crazy sale because I want to encourage as many people to access this book as possible, because I See that we are at a key moment where a new era is starting that will turn into a bull market that is different from previous ones. This flash sale is valid only through to September 4th, so if interested, then please take advantage.

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