Preview Chartbook of the IGWT Report 2022

In Gold We Trust


Spring is here and we are frantically working on this year’s addition of the In Gold We Trust Report. Since we live in such turbulent and changing times this is quite difficult. But the whole team is working hard to deliver the best IGWT Report possible but as always, we are up to the challenge. To get everybody in the right mood we present our preview Chartbook for the IGWT 2022 which contains some of the most important charts which we will present in the report. By the way, the launch is in 64 days (May 24th)!

View or download the Chartbook here, or keep scrolling to see a few of the more than 40 charts available in the Chartbook.

The Preview Chartbook contains the following chapters:

  • Inflation
  • Macro: Stagflation ante portas?
  • US Focus
  • The Status Quo of Gold
  • Silver
  • Gold Miners
  • Quo Vadis?

The complete Chartbook can be viewed or downloaded here:

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The 2022 In Gold We Trust report is scheduled to be released on May 24. You can view or download the 2021 report or subscribe to receive the 2022 report as soon as it is released here.

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