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Resource Allocation Stablecoins pt2: The EOS RAM Market

  1. Centralized IOU Issuance
  2. Collateral Backed
  3. Seigniorage Shares


Why is this important?

  1. Decentralized: While EOS RAM is already starting to trade on exchanges, it is inherently a decentralized asset. It exists on-chain and users can buy RAM today through Scatter directly without 3rd parties.
  2. Intrinsically Valuable: Just like Ethereum’s Gas, RAM is intrinsically valuable. It’s necessary for deploying applications, and minimally necessary for owning EOS names (although not necessary for making transactions- users can transact for free on EOS). Its value is derived directly from the perceived usefulness of the EOS network in the present and future, and as EOS grows, it will grow in value, demand and supply.
  3. Inherits EOS Network Characteristics: Perhaps most importantly — EOS RAM as a resource inherits the native characteristics of the EOS chain. This means that enterprises can count on block-producers being at least partially responsible and interested for solving structural problems that might arise from security concerns.



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