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Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party!

Earn Passive Income with RollerCoin

ith a tonne of new incentives, Rollercoin Season 5 recently went live. Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party, which has the apt name, is a summer-long event with a beach and summery theme. Rollercoin Season 5 is a terrific method to improve your passive income earnings with Rollercoin because there are 13 new miners accessible to earn. Learn more about the Rollercoin Season 5 release date, duration, rewards, and other information by continuing to read.

Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party!

The longest seasonal event yet introduced in Rollercoin is Season 5: Beach Party. The fifth season of Rollercoin was made available on June 9 and will continue through the conclusion of the summer on August 31. There are 70 days left to advance through the event pass and receive rewards.


For Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party, there are 45 different awards, including 13 new miners and a total of 22 miners. The total amount of XP needed to finish the pass is 4,500, since each level of prizes requires 100 XP. You can earn trophies, parts to enhance miners, cosmetics like room skins and headgear, and temporary increases in your mining power in addition to miners. Everyone gets the opportunity to receive some free gifts and boost their passive income earnings thanks to the new season of Rollercoin’s expanded length.

The 13 new miners who received rewards from the Rollercoin Season 5 Event Pass contributed 1,785,001 GH/s of mining power and an additional 16.01 percent. Additionally, you can access exclusive miners from earlier seasons.

What Daily Season Pass XP Can You Earn?

In Rollercoin Season 5, there are primarily two ways to acquire season pass XP. Every day you gain XP just for logging in, and you can gain XP by carrying out quick daily chores.

For Rollercoin Season 5, daily log-in XP equals 135 XP every week. You may unlock around 16 levels for free just by logging in, with over 12 weeks left in the season. By simply joining in, you were able to save almost 160 dollars on your Rollercoin Season 5 Premium Pass, which costs 10 RLT per level.

Daily Season Pass XP

You can advance in the Rollercoin Season 5 Event Pass by completing daily chores as well. Daily duties include playing particular games, going to the social media accounts for Rollercoin, purchasing lootboxes, and more. By completing every activity offered, you can gain up to 53 XP per day. In Rollercoin Season 5, you can gain 4,814 XP overall after 83 days, which is 300 XP more than what is required to finish the pass. The cost of the Premium Pass is reduced by 10 RLT per level, or roughly 450 USD, by completing every level of the Event Pass.

Free Pass, Upgrade Pass, and Premium Pass for Rollercoin Season 5

On the Rollercoin Season 5: Beach Party Event Pass, there are 3 different passes that grant various benefits. With the Free Pass, you can gain access to free items; with the Upgrade Pass, you can gain access to items as the season goes on; and with the Premium Pass, you can gain access to all rewards right away.

As you achieve that level, the Free Pass gives you access to all of the free rewards on the event pass. Free gifts are available on 16 of the 45 levels. A smart approach to gain additional mining power without needing to make an investment is through the Free Pass. Six distinct miners are available as free rewards with the Free Pass.

The Premium Pass starts at 570 RLT, which is equal to 570 dollars. If you successfully finish all 45 levels of the event pass, a total discount of 450 RLT will be applied, bringing the price of the Premium Pass down to just 120 RLT. The Upgrade Pass and the Premium Pass cost the same amount for the same benefits if you are using the complete pass. The premium pass grants you access to all of your potential rewards that you haven’t yet claimed. By purchasing the Premium Pass, you will receive rewards equivalent to all 45 levels — even if you haven’t finished a single one.

Expected Timeline for Rollercoin Season 5

Rollercoin Marketplace?

Although the start of Rollercoin Season 5 was supposed to coincide with the launching of the Rollercoin Marketplace, that does not appear to be the case. The Rollercoin Marketplace, where users may purchase and trade miners, is a much-anticipated feature. The Rollercoin Marketplace will probably debut later in Season 5 along with further significant changes to the Rollercoin economy. Future improvements to the Rollercoin Economy will include constructing and upgrading miner upgrades, only placing miners that give bonus power, and more transparent drops from Rollercoin mini-games.

One of the best seasonal events on Rollercoin so far appears to be Season 5 of the game. You won’t want to miss this season’s event because of the extensive selection of powerful miners included in the Rollercoin Season 5 event pass as well as the longer event duration. This is a fantastic chance to increase your passive income on Rollercoin, whether you select the Free Pass, the Upgrade Pass, or the Premium Pass. Keep an eye out for upcoming enhancements to the Rollercoin Economy, including the launch of the Rollercoin Marketplace in Season 5!

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