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Shelling Out: The Origins of Money

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A project named Quant-Network messaged us on Twitter and told they will sue us if we don’t remove them from scam coin list on CoinCodeCap. They tried to bully us on Twitter and as usual, we gave them 🖕🖕

Resist much, obey little.” — Walt Whitman

We created a few beautiful visualizations around Bitcoin development, check it out and do follow CoinCodeCap on Twitter.

Story of the week 👇 👇

Most of us know how to earn money but we never ask “what is money”? Let’s also understand that. I highly recommend this essay by Nick Sabzo, it’s pure “Bitcoin” 😄

Shelling Out: The Origins of Money

From the very start, England's 17th-century colonies in America had a problem – a shortage of coins. The British idea was to grow large amounts of tobacco, cut timber for the ships of their global navy and merchant marine, and so forth, sending in return the supplies they felt were needed to keep the Americans working. In effect, early colonists were supposed to both work for the company and shop at the company store. The investors and the Crown much preferred this to paying in coin what the farmers might ask, letting the farmers themselves buy the supplies – and, heaven forbid, keep some of the profit as well… Read Full story here

By Nick Sabzo (Follow him on Twitter)

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