Shibarmy News, Announcements, and Developments — July 2022 — Big reveals ahead.

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2 min readJul 16, 2022


With some delays due to personal reasons, the Shibarmy Team is happy to announce a line of news and updates regarding our project and products. We have been working hard to maintain the project and create great value for our investors.

Meet the Shiba Inu Medic — Concept Art Shibarmy Adventures Evolution

Get ready for an upcoming week full of news, insights, and reveals regarding our game developments, NFTs, and more:

  1. Reveal in-game Screenshots of our NFT showroom, using Unreal Engine 5 for the best possible graphical representation while offering top-notch NFT integration across multiple blockchains and basically every NFT marketplace!
  2. An in-Depth article about our next P2E project “Shibarmy Adventures Evolution” — Gameplay, characters, and the game economy
  3. The implementation of NFTs into our P2E games, how to use, trade, scrap, and earn them.
  4. Use cases for the #1 Community NFT Series in “Shibarmy Adventures Evolution” and the second Series coming up
  5. News about our first P2E Game “Shibarmy Adventures” and a new release date — We are finally close to going live

Additional updates for the Shibarmycommunity

We are still short closing the last 2 rounds of the Shibarmy Weekly Raffle, it will be drawn on Wednesday the 24th. We are trying to stream it live on our Youtube Channel, and you will find the video on our channel later.

#SHIBARMY Features:
💥- 8% #Shib Rewards
💥- 1% for Liquidity
💥- 1% for Marketing.

📌 Token Information:
🔸Ticker: $SHIBARMY
🔸Contract address: 0x940230b6b7ef1979a28f32196a8e3439c645ba49
💥Set slippage to 11%-15%


International Telegram:

Chinese Telegram:

German Telegram:

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$SHIBARMY is audited and vetted token on BSC that pays holders 8% rewards in $SHIB as dividends for holding. SHIBARMY is here to follow SHIBA INU’s footsteps.