Shibarmy Trading Competition — Win $SHIB and $SHIBARMY by trading

We want to reward holders and give them a pleasant surprise with a significant volume for the maximum amount of $SHIB rewards.

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3 min readMay 19, 2022



Trade $SHIBARMY between May the 20th and June the 10th, on Pancakeswap for a chance to win huge prizes in $SHIB for the biggest trading volume. Take part in the weekly $SHIBARMY raffle with every buy of $SHIBARMY above $50 being one chance to win 4bn (4,000,000,000) $SHIBARMY.

No need to register, everyone takes part by using PancakeSwap to trade our token. Winners will receive their prize with the Wallet they used to trade.

The Shibarmy Trading Competition on PancakeSwap

We allocated 300,000,000 $SHIB, currently worth more ~ $3,500, for this cause. The competition will be running for 21 days starting Friday, May the 20th at midnight GMT +1 until Friday, June the 10th at midnight GMT +1.

In addition, we will have a weekly $SHIBARMY raffle, every buy of $SHIBARMY above $50 equals one ticket for a chance to win 4bn (4,000,000,000) $SHIBARMY.

The weekly prize pool of 20,000,000,000 $SHIBARMY is split among 5 individual tickets every 7 days. You can only win once per week.


  1. You have to trade $SHIBARMY using PancakeSwap
  2. Winners are determined by the highest trading volume of $SHIBARMY within 21 days. Only trades between Friday, May the 20th at midnight GMT +1 and Thursday, June the 9th at midnight GMT +1 count
  3. The wallet must have a positive balance of $SHIBARMY at the end of the competition. This means buys minus sells >0
  4. The team tracks and reviews the volume of data exported from the blockchain to ensure fair competition and will release the corresponding information at the end
  5. Winners receive their prize directly into their wallet, no need to sign up or register, everyone who is trading $SHIBARMY can win

Prizes in $SHIB

Total prize pool 300,000,000 $SHIB

1. Place 150,000,000 $SHIB

2. Place 50,000,000 $SHIB

3. Place 25,000,000 $SHIB

4 to 10. Place 12,500,000 $SHIB

Weekly prizes in $SHIBARMY

4bn (4,000,000,000) $SHIBARMY for 5 random buys of $SHIBARMY above $50.

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#SHIBARMY Features:
💥- 8% #Shib Rewards
💥- 1% for Liquidity
💥- 1% for Marketing.

📌 Token Information:
🔸Ticker: $SHIBARMY
🔸Contract address: 0x940230b6b7ef1979a28f32196a8e3439c645ba49
💥Set slippage to 11%-15%


International Telegram:

Chinese Telegram:

German Telegram:

Turkish Telegram:

Dutch Telegram:





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$SHIBARMY is audited and vetted token on BSC that pays holders 8% rewards in $SHIB as dividends for holding. SHIBARMY is here to follow SHIBA INU’s footsteps.