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Solution To Extract Data From Ethereum


Open Source:

  • EthQL: ConsenSys project, GraphQL endpoint to the public Ethereum ledger.
  • QuickBlocks: collection of tools to retrieve Ethereum data.
  • EthSlurp: Extracting TXs for specific address or smart contract to CSV or text file.
  • EthEvents: Indexing transactions, events into ElasticSearch, talk.
  • Kundera: JPA to extract data from nodes and ingest them into a variety of sinks.
  • Presto-Ethereum: Presto Connector to Ethereum clients.
  • The Graph: Decentralized scalable queries for blockchain data (ICO stage).
  • Smart Contract Watch: A smart contract monitoring tool.
  • Eventeum: Event-bridge between Ethereum and microservices.
  • Seth: MetaMask for the command-line.

Data Query Companies:

  • Alethio: ConsenSys-backed, Working on semantic lifting of data, talk.
  • Chainalysis: KYC and AML services for exchanges and governments.
  • Zapier: Ethereum integration into Zapier.

Analytics Dashboards:

  • Bloxy: Analytics Dashboard for Ethereum.
  • Etherscan: De-facto standard block explorer for Ethereum.
  • Amberdata: Analytics for ERC-20 tokens, talk.
  • TokenAnalyst: Analytics for ERC-20 tokens and ICOs, talk.
  • Rufflet: Mixpanel for smart contracts hack by Axiom Zen, creators of CryptoKitties.
  • Supermax: Another smart contract dashboard.
  • Blockspur: Another smart contract dashboard.
  • Trivial: Another smart contract dashboard.

Use Cases:

  1. Providing transparency and accountability for governance of e.g. DAOs or companies e.g. DACs.
  2. Automated tax returns for smart contracts
  3. Smart contract monitoring e.g. getting notifications when things happen e.g. anomaly detection
  4. Smart contract reporting e.g like website reports, sales resports
  5. Auditing support e.g. for ICOs (distribution of token holders).

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