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Square buys $50 million in Bitcoin / Bitmex founders stepping back

Chinese government giving away 10 million yuan to 50,000 people in a lottery

What crypto investors think when they watch the news… Source

US Justice department issued a International statement to asking companies to create break door to bypass end-to-end encryption in their products. There is also a “EARN IT” bill in the House and the Senate which undermines encryption and free-speech on the Internet. Call you representative to stop this bill.

In another news, Square Buys $50M in Bitcoin. It’s the second company after MicroStartergy which is using Bitcoin for its reserve.

After recent legal filing in United States, Bitmex founders stepped back from the company.

Querying Blockchain Made Easy

Blockchains are blockholes which only emits transactions and events. Therefore, we need tools to convert this raw data into information that can be used to build consumer applications.

So, when I started working with Btiquery, I was blown up with their data solutions. Simple GraphQL APIs let you pull data across more than 20 blockchains.

Besides, Bitquery also provides money tracing APIs to trace crypto-assets on-chain and build blockchain compliance, investigation, and surveillance solutions.

So if you need on-chain data on your solutions, Try Bitquery now.

Try Quadency

Looking for all in one crypto trading solution that is easy to use?

Try Quadency, a trading terminal build for traders to automate their crypto trading. Read our Quadency review.

Latest News 📰

  • Square Buys $50M in Bitcoin
  • China’s Shenzhen City Hands Out 10 Million Yuan in Central Bank Digital Currency
  • Bitmex founders Arthur Hayes and Samuel Reed Stepped back following legal filings in the United States
  • Bitcoin Wallet Exploit Has Caused $25 Million Stolen to Date
  • The US justice department wants to break end-to-end encryption
  • Stop the EARN IT Bill Before It Breaks Encryption
  • Anti-money laundering has less than a 1% impact on crime. At what cost?
  • Attorney General William P. Barr Announces Publication of Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework
  • It’s time for the Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain to launch
  • Prysm Eth2 Client Web Interface Now Live
  • Aave Raises $25 Million to Bring DeFi to Institutions
  • A UK Ban on Crypto Derivatives Will Hurt, Not Protect, Investors
  • Supply of Tokenized Bitcoin on Ethereum Now Tops $1.1B: Here’s Why
  • Hacked Exchange KuCoin Reopens Bitcoin Deposits, Withdrawals

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