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We live in an extraordinary age. These are times of stunning changes in social organization, economic well-being, moral and ethical precepts, philosophical and religious perspectives, and human self-knowledge, as well as in our understanding of that vast universe in which we are imbedded like a grain of sand in a cosmic ocean…there is only one generation privileged to live through that unique transitional moment: that generation is ours.

Carl Sagan

Welcome to the Stacking Sats Universe! The words above were expressed a generation ago to describe a historical moment in understanding the cosmos. Today, we live in another “extraordinary age” and while it may not have the same grandeur of that age…you now live in the Digital Age. You are living in a time that bitcoin exists and a time that you are able to Stack Sats.

The Digital World: Circa 2019

This article will provide a brief overview on Stacking Sats along with an overview of three services that are currently available to the Sats Stacker.

Stacking Sats?

Stacking Sats (i.e. #stackingsats) is the act of accumulating bitcoin over time. A Satoshi which can be abbreviated as Sat(s), is 1/100 millionth of a bitcoin. The term Stacking Sats has developed to describe a means of acquiring bitcoin which is generally the size of a small fractional amount of bitcoin.

Stacking Sats Services (say that 3 times fast)

The scope of services that we will cover in the Stacking Sats Universe have the quality of being a passive way to Stack Sats. The idea is that your current shopping behavior should have little-to-no modification for you to tap into this Universe.

Let’s start with a visual. We will define each circle (i.e. category) and then provide an overview of each of the Services below.

Venn Diagram of the Stacking Sats Universe of Services
  • Brick and Mortar: Allows you to Stack Sats while shopping at a physical retail location
  • Online: Allows you to Stack Sats while shopping online.
  • Bitcoin Only: Allows you to accumulate bitcoin exclusively (i.e. no other Digital Asset is supported)
  • Uses cash/card: Allows you to purchase items using a card or other “traditional” payment channel
  • Uses Bitcoin: Allows you to purchase items directly with bitcoin
  • Uses Lightning: Allows you to purchase items directly using the lightning network (a level 2 payment network built on top of bitcoin)

Lastly for the three services in this article, the following is the unique differentiator of each from the other two:

  • Fold: Earn bitcoin as you spend bitcoin.
  • Lolli: Earn bitcoin as you shop online.
  • Pei: Earn bitcoin as you shop with your credit/debit card.


Spend bitcoin in the real world

Fold offers a wide range of benefits to the Sats Stacker. Fold allows you to spend bitcoin to purchase gift cards and other services from a number of popular retailers (online / brick & mortar). As of this writing, Fold has 15 retailers including, Southwest Airlines, Uber, and other popular places.

Fold is also unique in accepting payments through the Lightning Network which allows for nearly immediate purchasing and credit towards the retailer.

Also, for the Amazon fan, Fold allows you to credit your purchased Amazon balance directly to your Amazon account with one click.

When you purchase from a retailer (generally a gift card or online credit) through Fold, you will earn Sats back (e.g. 20% back with Starbucks), and you can accumulate the Sats to be applied to future purchases (aka Kickbacks).

Unlike the other services in this article (which are only available in the United States of America), Fold has limited availability outside of the US.

Get bitcoin when you shop

Fold matches well for current bitcoiners who:

  • Have bitcoin to spend
  • Have access to low cost bitcoin purchasing to arbitrage the Sats back
  • Are interested in using the lightning network

Coming Soon:

  • Currently Fold is online only; however, the Fold app has been announced and will be opened soon to Early Access users
  • Currently Fold does not accept payments via credit card; however, this service is also coming soon to Early Access users. This should bring Fold to new users including those that are not currently hodl’rs

That One Unique Thing:

  • For Lightning enthusiast, connect directly to Fold’s Lightning Node and have a vested interest in Fold’s success

Wish List:

  • Currently, unlike the other services in this article, users are unable to withdraw accumulated Sats from Fold.

If interested, sign up here:


Earn free bitcoin when you shop online

Lolli offers a wide range of online retailer options (over 500 online merchants) for the Sats Stacker. This is an impressive line up of retailers and one can realize significant accumulation of Satoshis when shopping for high-ticket items like flights (e.g. Priceline) and places to stay (e.g. VRBO,, Marriott, Hilton, etc…)

Lolli is available through two modes: either by accessing the retailer through Lolli’s website or by installing a Lolli Chrome Extension. In either case, Lolli complements the shoppers regular online shopping experience as there are no complicated interfaces / payment processes for the shopper to use. Once signed up: shop online and begin to earn your Sats!

Lolli is more limited (or is it focused?) than the other services in this article as it is currently an online only shopping experience. Lolli has a clear mission statement to make bitcoin more accessible and easy to earn, save, and share bitcoin.

Lolli makes it safe, simple and fun for everyone to own bitcoin.

Lolli matches well with nocoiners and passive accumulators who:

  • Desire simplicity to set it and forget it
  • Prefer integrated experience into their current online shopping
  • Want to purchase Sats at a future rate (see following notes for more details)

One unique detail with Lolli is that accumulated Sats do not generally receive the price at the purchase time with the retailer. As a result, Sats values will fluctuate with the market and generally take 30 to 90 days before being considered a settled balance for withdrawals. This ensures that the items have not been returned since purchased as this will leave Lolli holding an empty bag.

Coming Soon:

  • Based on previous announcements, expect that Lolli will continue to announce high visibility partnerships along with news media appearances in telling the Stacking Sats story.
  • Currently Lolli is online / Chrome extension; however, Lolli has stated plans to build a native mobile app in the near future.
  • Currently Lolli is available only in the United States of America; however, they are soliciting non-US interested individuals to provide their location so that they can contact them in the future when Lolli expands beyond the US.

That One Unique Thing:

  • Online shoppers place orders as they have always done in the past directly through the retailers online purchase process…Lolli does the rest in the background to reward the shopper.

Wish List:

  • The mobile app is needed for those on the go and wanting to have greater assurance that they will receive credit on their online purchases when using Lolli away from a computer.

If interested, sign up here:


Automatic Cashback, in Bitcoin or Cash.

Pei allows users to earn automatic bitcoin (or cash) back as they shop both online and brick & mortar with their personal credit/debit card. In a sense, Pei adds a rewards program to a person’s card when shopping at eligible retailers (over 120,000 merchants!)

Pei offers a limited number of online bitcoin back with places such as Uber; however, the majority of Stacking Sats opportunities are available in the brick & mortar space. Through geolocation and in using an embedded map view, users are able to locate various near-by places such as gas stations and restaurants along with the Sats/Cashback opportunities with each.

More Savings. More Bitcoin. More Cash.

Pei matches well with cashback app and reward card users who:

  • Are interested in a bitcoin alternatives that allow them to connect their card and earn
  • Are comfortable with linking your card to apps that can track your activity
  • Are Sats maximizers who look for the best Sats back when shopping in the non-digital world

Coming Soon:

  • Something big? Pei has recently been posting about “game changing releases.” Keep an eye toward their future development and announcements.
  • Currently Pei is bitcoin / cashback only. Pei may soon no longer be in the bitcoin-only category as they have stated plans to offer additional cryptocurrencies in the future.

That One Unique Thing:

  • The recently added Finance Overview provides a nice visual representation of your card usage along with the amount of Sats/Cashback returns.

Wish List:

  • Expansion beyond the United States of America so that more of the world can experience Sats back!

If interested, sign up here:

The Stacking Sats Universe is expanding. If you have any services that were not mentioned in this article, please let me know! Though for any Stacking Sats journeyer, the three above are a great start to navigating our Digital Economic Universe.

Happy Travels!


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