Step by Step Guide to Make Money Using Sorare in 2022

If you love Football, Crypto, and Passive Income, you have to try Sorare.

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· What is Sorare? Why You Should Start to Play it?
· Step 1 — Signup
· Step 2 — Configure Wallet
· Step 3 — Build Your First “Common” Team and Enter into “Casual” Competition (FREE)
· Step 4 — Buy NFT Cards from the Marketplace
· Step 5— Build Teams and Register for Competitions
· Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Money do I Need to Start with Sorare?
How Long does it Take to See Profits?
How Can I Get Free NFT Cards?
How do I Find Good Players and Cards?
What Are Some Good Strategies to Begin With?

What is Sorare? Why You Should Start to Play it?

Sorare is an NFT-based “play to earn” game.

You buy the digital collectibles of the real football players. Then, according to the real performance of the players in the football matches, you will earn prizes (in fiat or Ethereum). You can also trade NFTs for profit.

Even in the bearish market, Sorare managers are making a 10x-100x profit using their digital collectibles and in-game prizes.

I am super bullish about the future of Sorare and I believe there is no time better than NOW to get involved with it. Here are the top three reasons:

  1. European Leagues are on summer break; Therefore the players’ NFT prices are dipping.
  2. World Cup 2022 is approaching. Sorare will be very popular during that time.
  3. Sorare already made partnerships with all major leagues around the world. If you enter these days, you still have the first-movers advantage.

In this post, I am going to give you a detailed step-by-step guide for using Sorare. At the end of this post, you should feel comfortable enough to start your journey and explore.

Step 1 — Signup

First, you need to create an account on Sorare website. The process is straightforward.

🎁 If you decided to register to Sorare, please consider using my referral link. That way, if you collect 5 new cards on auction (and not from other managers), both of us will win a free card. This is a win-win game. That free card can worth many dollars, and you can use it as part of your lineup in the competitions.
If you register to Sorare using my link, and buy 5 cards from the auction, both of us will win a free Limited card
If you register to Sorare using my link, and buy 5 cards from the auction, both of us will win a free Limited card

Here are some tips:

  • during the registration process, Sorare will ask you about your favorite 3 teams. Try to select good teams such as Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich.
  • use a referral link for registration. That way, you will win a free card, once you bought 5 new cards at auction.
  • Choose a strong password and active 2 factor authentication on your account.

Step 2 — Configure Wallet

The nice thing about Sorare is that it works perfectly with both fiat (USD, EUR, etc) and crypto (ETH) payment models.

This means that even if you do not know ANYTHING about cryptocurrencies, you still have the chance to do all your trades with fiat currencies.

However, I highly encourage you to use Ethereum for your trades.

To configure your wallet, open the wallet from top-right section of your profile. Then you have two options:

Option 1 — Charge ETH to your account using Moonpay/Ramp: Both Moonpay and Ramp will charge you some fees, and their ETH offered price may not be the best in the market. In this option, the ETH will be in the Sorare account until you decide to withdraw it to your external account.

Option 2 — Connect your existing ETH wallet (e.g. Metamask): If you hold ETH on wallets such as Metamask, you can directly connect it to Sorare using this option. Using this option, all the time, the ETH will be transferred directly to your own account.

Step 3 — Build Your First “Common” Team and Enter into “Casual” Competition (FREE)

Once you registered for the game, Sorare gives you 11 Common cards. These cards do not have any scarcity and you cannot trade them in the marketplace. However, you can use them to build a team and enter a competition.

This is a very good opportunity for you to understand better how the game works, before putting real money into it.

From the top menu, choose “Play”.

Choose the next week’s competition.

Choose “Common” from the list of Competitions.

In the “Casual” competition, click on “Enter a Team”

Select your initial lineup for the competition. You should choose one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one forward, and extra player (any position except goalkeeper).

Once you registered your team, you have to wait for the games in the real-life. Depending on the performance of your players in the matches, you will get points and ranked in the whole competition.

You can check the prizes of this competition (and any other one) in the prize pool section.

For example, in this instance, the top 3 ranked teams will earn tier 1,2, and 3 Limited cards (tradable in the marketplace). The rest of the teams will also get different tiers of Common cards.

Step 4 — Buy NFT Cards from the Marketplace

Once you know the basic rules of the game, you are ready to start the real game and trading.

For doing this, you need to buy NFT collectible cards first. Later on, you can use these cards for trading (e.g. buy low, sell high) or build teams and register in different competitions.

For buying NFT cards, you have two options:

  1. Buy from Sorare on auction: Sorare constantly mint new cards and places them in its marketplace. You have to place your bids for buying those cards, and if you win the auction, the corresponding card will be yours.
  2. Buy from other players (a.k.a managers): players can place the cards they own into the marketplace for sale. Here the price is specified directly by the players owning the NFTs. The purchase also will take place instantly, once you hit the buy button.

Usually, the Sorare marketplace cards will be cheaper. However, if you navigate through manager cards, you can also find good value cards. You can also send offers to sellers, or contact them on their social media (twitter, discord) to negotiate the price.

🎁 If you register to Sorare using my referral link and collect 5 new cards on auction, both of us win a free limited card. This is a win-win game. That free card can worth many dollars.

The NFT cards have different scarcity levels (fixed or limited).

🟨 Limited (1000 cards per season)

🟥 Rare (100 cards per season)

🟦 Super Rare (10 cards per season)

⬛ Unique (1 card per season)

Common (GREY) cards have no scarcity, and cannot be traded.

The scarcer the card is, the more expensive it will be.

Each competition also has its own requirements. For example, you cannot enter into rare competition with limited cards.

You can also use Soraredata website to get more information about the cards, players, teams, etc.

You can use Soraredata for getting more info about Sorare players, and teams.

Step 5— Build Teams and Register for Competitions

If your plan is to earn more money through competition prizes, you need to build high-quality lineups and register a team in the competitions.

Depending on the scarcity level of your cards, you can participate in 6 categories of competitions:

  1. Common: you need at least 5 common cards to participate.
  2. Mix: training sessions for the players who are injured or not playing to gain experience.
  3. Limited: you need at least 5 common cards to participate.
  4. Rare: you need at least 4 Rare cards with at most 1 Common.
  5. Super Rare: you need at least 3 Super Rare cards with 1 Rare and/or 1 Unique card.
  6. Unique: you need at least 3 Unique cards with at most 2 Super Rare cards.

In the “Common” category, you can register your teams for “Casual” competitions. This competition covers the games from all registered leagues.

In the “Mix” category, you can build the teams from injured players or the ones that are not currently playing and send them to the training sessions. That way, they will gain some more experience.

In the “Limited”, “Rare”, “Super Rare”, and “Unique” categories, you have the option to register your teams to 6 different competitions.

  1. All Star: covers all the games and players from all the leagues.
  2. Under 23: covers only under 23 age players (from all leagues).
  3. Champion Europe: covers the games and players from 5 major European leagues (Bundesliga, LaLiga Santander, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A)
  4. Challenger Europe: covers the games and players from challenger European leagues (HNL, Austrian Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Football League Championship, Jupiler Pro League, Premiership, Primeira Liga, Russian Premier League, Spor Toto Süper Lig, Super League, Superliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa Conference League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa League Play-offs)
  5. America: covers the games and players from major America Continent leagues (Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, Concacaf Champions League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, Liga MX, Liga Pro, Major League Soccer, Primera A, Primera División de Chile, Primera División del Perú, Superliga Argentina de Fútbol
  6. Asia: covers the games and players from major Asian leagues (AFC Champions League, Chinese Super League, J1 League, K League 1)

Each competition has a prize pool for participants. Before registering your teams for competitions, you can also check their prize pools. Here is some information you can see in that section:

  • Number of registered teams
  • Total Prize in ETH (or fiat)
  • Total Prize in the number of cards
  • Details about different ranks and their prizes

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money do I Need to Start with Sorare?

If you only want to trade NFT cards, there is no threshold. You can for example buy a $2 card, and then hopefully sell it for $100.

If you want to build teams and be eligible for prizes, you need approximately:

  • $100-$1000 for 1 Limited team
  • $1000-$5000 for 1 Rare team
  • $5000 — $50000 for 1 Super Rare/Unique Team

Remember that during your journey, you may get prize cards or rewards. You also may take profits on reselling your existing cards. So the above prices are just for starting.

How Long does it Take to See Profits?

It highly depends on your initial investment and strategies for playing the game.

If you are only here to trade NFTs, you may get lucky and see profits in a matter of minutes.

If you are here for the long-term run, you need to invest in your players and teams, get prizes, take profits, and reinvest (a complete cycle). If your teams and players perform well, you usually can expect to see a full return on your initial investments in 4–8 weeks.

How Can I Get Free NFT Cards?

There are two ways for getting free cards:

  1. Use a referral link to register. Once you bought 5 cards from the auction, you will get a free one. Later on, you can also create your own referral link and give it to your friends. If they do the same process, you will get free cards as well.
  2. Participate in competitions and earn free cards as rewards.

How do I Find Good Players and Cards?

First of all, try to invest more in players/teams you already know.

You can also use these two useful websites for more info:

What Are Some Good Strategies to Begin With?

There are lots of strategies and best practices to play this game. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Do not buy overpriced cards.
  • Do not invest in low-quality players.
  • Try to build different teams (All-star, U23, European, etc) and participate in all competitions.
  • Level up your players to get more bonuses.
  • Use summer/winter breaks for trading players with lower prices.
  • Follow the news/metrics and update your lineups, if necessary.
  • Invest in players with a bright future ahead (potential for 100x-1000x return on investment).
  • Be consistent and do not rush into things.

This article is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered Financial or Legal Advice. Not all information will be accurate. Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

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