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Stop Calling Them Badges

On-chain Badges are so much more than just participation trophies.


Badges As Reputation/Resume

Soulbound Tokens Do Not Exist

  • You do not have a digital soul, nor does your account. Your account can be hacked, you can change accounts, and you can have multiple accounts.
  • Locking a token on actors without the option to remove hurts good actors and increases the damage a bad actor can cause.
  • Scarlet lettering.
  • Majority exclusion.
  • Inescapable doxxing.
  • Identifiable voting records.
  • Eternal, family, credit scores.
  • An individual can always forfeit any badge. No exceptions.
  • One does not have a soul or account; Badges are pseudonym tokens.
  • Removes all need for consensual minting to be in the conversation.
  • Adopts the idea that reputation is localized.

Overt Paternalism with Consensual Minting

Decentralized Identifiers (DiDs)

  • even more inefficient implementation of a database.
  • A step in the wrong direction as the consuming ecosystem now attempts to move us towards an invalidated life of data, the lack of verification permanence, the loss of controlled key, and so much more.
  • A non-technical solution to an entirely technical problem.

EIP Over Saturation

The Problem Hidden in Plain Sight

What A Badge Could Be

Redefining On-Chain Credentials with Badger

  • create a granular access policy for on-chain organization operations,
  • empower contracts as on-chain action gates allowing defined consumer behaviors, and even
  • mint a set of NFTs for highly-contextual actions while maintaining the benefits of higher-level organization control.

Middle-Down Management

  • Critically, middle-down management is the idea that a single member has administrative control and ownership of the high-level organization.
  • Top-down management is the full-scale realization of having a decentralized party that approves high-level actions of the organization.

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