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SwapSpace review | Exchange your crypto instantly

What is SwapSpace?

SwapSpace features

  • Signups free- You don’t need to register to use SwapSpace — just start the exchange in one click.
  • No extra fees: the platform doesn’t add up its own fee over the partners’ rates. Exchange rates you see on SwapSpace will be the same as the original rates. The exchange fees are already included in the rates.
  • Over 350 cryptocurrencies and 60,000 exchange pairs.
  • Fixed and floating exchange rates.
  • On SwapSpace, pre-KYC is not required. However, the partners’ Risk Management Systems might ask for verification in case the transaction has been marked suspicious.
  • Limits- SwapSpace doesn’t set up the upper limits on the number of funds to be exchanged. Lower limits start from $2 for many coins, which is a necessary amount to cover the network fees.
  • 24/7 chat support guarantees that you will get help anytime.
  • Beginner-friendly interface and intuitive 4-step exchange flow make the exchanges easy even if you have just started in crypto.
  • YouTube Influencer Program: SwapSpace allows any crypto fan who has a blog on YouTube or LBRY to monetize their efforts and enlarge the audience by paying for video reviews.
  • Affiliate program. Share a referral link on your website or socials, and SwapSpace will share half of the exchange profit with you. Integrate SwapSpace to your website via API to enable your customers to swap crypto easily and with the best rates without leaving your platform.

How SwapSpace works?

  1. Select the cryptocurrencies and enter the amounts you want to exchange. Choose the exchange deal.

Why is SwapSpace different from other cryptocurrency exchanges?

Is SwapSpace legit?


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