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SwissBorg Review 2021 | Start Investing in Crypto Today

What is SwissBorg?

  • Successfully creating a large community.
  • Increasing the usage of the Bitcoin SwissBorg prediction app.
  • CHSB (native token).


  • It has more than 75 employers from all around the world.
  • SwissBorg successfully raised $53 million in 2017.
  • It supports two different gamified apps that are available both for Android and iOS version smartphones.
  • The SwissBorg coin CHSB has more than 60,000 token holders.
  • Seventeen fiat currencies are available for users to withdraw and trade.

How to get started with SwissBorg?

  • Download and install the SwissBorg app.
  • After installation, register your account and verify it by entering your phone number and email address.
  • You will also have to provide your identity documents and your nationality.

SwissBorg Account Types

  • Download the app, and register yourself by following the above steps.
  • Now, purchase a 50,000 CHSB token using your desired currency.
  • The final step is to click on the premium tab to activate it.

Verification Process

SwissBorg Wealth App

1. Smart Engine

2. Portfolio Analytics

3. Advanced Security

4. Transparent Fee Structure

5. Multiple Assets in One Bundle

SwissBorg CHSB Token

Benefits of CHSB Token

  • Governance: Users can participate in the future of SwissBorg by getting voting rights on the referendums.
  • Protect and Burn Mechanism: With this feature, you can benefit from a decrease in token supply. This mechanism helps support CHSB tokens’ price by buying back and burning the circulating tokens when the price tends to lower.
  • Meritocracy: Under Meritocracy, users can contribute to the SwissBorg ecosystem to earn rewards. When you hold a CHSB token, RSB tokens are generated. By using these RSB tokens, users can vote.
  • Premium Membership: If you buy and stake the 50,000 CHSB coins, you will enable the membership account for you.

SwissBorg Review: Smart Yield Account

SwissBorg Fees Structure

Deposit Fees

Withdrawal Fee

Transaction Fee

SwissBorg Review: Security

  • Offline Cold Wallet Storage: This exchange platform uses a multi-signature offline cold wallet storage system to store the user’s assets. It makes sure to protect individuals from hackers and other risks.
  • 2FA Security: The 2-factor Authentication feature of the Wealth app acts as an extra layer of security to protect users from any hazards. Users can enable the 2FA from their settings.
  • Account Recovery: When the users change their gadgets, forget their passcodes, or loses their device, they could recover their account quickly. Click here to check the whole process of how to recover your account.

SwissBorg Review: Bonus

  • Share the unique reward link generated in the Reward Tab of your SwissBorg App.
  • Let your friend downloads the SwissBorg App, and complete a minimum deposit of €50.
  • Once your friend completes the second step, both of you will receive a reward ticket.

SwissBorg Community App

SwissBorg Review: Supported Currency

SwissBorg Review: Customer Support

SwissBorg Review: Pros and Cons


  • It supports both 15 fiat currencies and crypto deposits/withdrawals.
  • It holds multiple cryptocurrencies.
  • Users assets and data security is the top priority.
  • The Fee is low compared to other platforms.
  • It has an intriguing reward program.
  • The app is available in both Android and iOS versions.
  • Promotes learning while playing games.


  • It does not have a desktop app.
  • KYC is compulsory.
  • It does not accept U.S. citizens.

SwissBorg Review: Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions

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