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The 7 + 1 True Virtues of a Trader. The Best Cryptocurrency Swap Strategy

Like all things in life clothes don’t make the man, behaviors do. Act consciously and freely to perfection. Ask yourself: What do you trade for? What is your goal? What are you looking for?

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Google “strategies for trading”. You will find about 2.1 billion results in 0.87 seconds. Read a thousand, a hundred or ten of those links and you might surely get some few almost impracticable ideas. But if you really want to know the best strategy in existence for trading, you just must take a deep breath, reflect, and do some serious self-examination.

Like all things in life clothes don’t make the man, behaviors do. Continual repetition of a good routine becomes a virtue; the reiteration of pernicious habits originates vices. Virtue is a habitual disposition of man, acquired by the repeated exercise of acting consciously and freely to perfection or good.

What do you trade for? What is your goal? What are you looking for with that? If the answer is to make money (lots of money!), pay off debts, and buy yourself a Lamborghini, you’re screwed. Even if you win millions of dollars, you’re screwed!

Virtue to be a virtue must be habitual, and not a sporadic, isolated act. It is like a second nature when it comes to acting, thinking, reacting and feeling. Having virtues of mind and character is the key to act and behave.

For you, on behalf of Plato, Aristotle, Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas and Wikipedia here you have the 7+1 key virtues that you must have when investing and dedicate yourself to see red and green candles, grids and numbers day by day .

1 Temperance: restraint. The practice of self-control, abstention, discretion, and moderation.

Terra off to new record high as LUNA price outperforms market with 30% rebound in 3 days — MAR 09, 2022

2 Fortitude: Courage. Forbearance, strength, endurance, and the ability to confront fear, uncertainty, and intimidation.

What is Terra Luna? Why did it Crash 99.9%? — MAY 17, 2022

3 Prudence: the ability to discern the appropriate course of action to be taken in a given situation at the appropriate time.

Is Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme?

3 Justice: fairness. The moderation or mean between selfishness and selflessness; between having more and having less than one’s fair share.

Inequality in global societies: why does it matter?

4 Faith: it is not a theoretical, abstract knowledge of doctrines that I must learn. Faith is the light to be able to understand things.

Bull vs. bear crypto market: What’s the difference and how to handle both

5 Hope: it is a process of faith and optimistic spirit based on the expectation of favorable results related to events or circumstances of one’s own life or the world as a whole. How should a person react to evil, problems, difficulties in life? There are those who fall into discouragement and think that there is nothing to do, that everything is useless. There are others who say that hope is naivety and idealism. Some say that hope is selfish.

Is the bull market coming to an end? — NOV 27, 2018

6 Charity: love God and your brothers for God.

Cryptocurrency can actually make a difference by helping people — SEP 05, 2021

7 Humility: simplicity without deviation, filial conscience, joyful security, humble audacity, certainty of being loved. We are humus (the land we walk on) so be considered and kind. It consists of staying within one’s own limits, without trying to reach things that are above oneself.

“My tattoo will be a constant reminder that venture investing requires humility.” (Mike Novogratz)

Virtues are seeds that must be watered with our effort, prayers and sacrifice.

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