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Weekly Letter- 02

Coinmonks — Embracing Future Technologies

Hey Guys, How are you?

So this week something exciting happened, We decided to broaden our focus and include few more futuristic technologies on Coinmonks 👏. We went for AI, IOT and AR/VR for now. In upcoming days you’ll hear more stories on these topics 😃.

Now let’s dive into this week’s best Stories.

Cypto Stories

Hyperbitcoinization: Winner Takes All

Hyperbitcoinization is a state where Bitcoin becomes the world’s dominant form of money. Bitcoin is socially wired and can be adopted exponentially. As it gains traction it will seem to be an organic, self-organizing process….

by ObiWan Kenobit

Untethered Tether: New Developments

Given the excruciatingly detailed procedures Friedman was undertaking for the relatively simple balance sheet of Tether, it became clear that an audit would be unattainable in a reasonable time frame….

by Bennett Tomlin

Subjective vs. Objective TCRs

Token-curated registries (TCRs) are an emerging crypto-economic primitive that may become a favored building block in the token engineer’s toolkit. Already, we are seeing many teams utilizing TCRs in the design of their platforms…..

by Moshe Praver

Modeling Bitcoin price: Metcalfe’s law, Volatility and a simulation into the future

Cutting to the chase, this short paper aims to analyse bitcoin quantitatively on the information extracted from the dynamics between supply and demand, there are quite some interesting findings regarding the application of Metcalfe’s law, volatility and return, if not outright astounding….

by Haoski

Quantum Computers pose a credible threat to the security of Bitcoin

People vastly underestimate the problems quantum computing will pose for today’s cryptocurrencies which rely on ECDSA and may be overestimating how long useful quantum computers (QCs) will take to arrive. Bitcoin and other coins cannot easily fork to quantum security and avoid these issues…..

by Charlie Thompson

AI Stories

Genetic Algorithms in Rust for Autonomous Agents: An Introduction

This article discusses a possible genetic algorithm implementation in Rust applied to the travelling salesman problem. Autonomous agents that navigate the real world in real-time such as robots should have the capacity to decide what’s the best course of action to take. There are many factors to consider and many possible combinations of actions; which is the best one?…..

by Mithi

Advancements in Computer based Facial recognition systems

It is one of the most hyped technology that mobile phone companies are trying to improve currently. Not only phones, but facial recognition is coming into play in the industrial sector too, but the main setback all these face is , its “Accuracy”…..

by Dhairya Parikh

IOT Stories

What is Web of Things(WoT) ?

As more “things” on planet Earth are converted to the inventory of digitally connected Internet devices, the roles and responsibilities of web developers and technology managers will need to evolve in keeping pace with the ever expanding list of appliances and gadgets that require a web interface….

by Anoop Krishnan

Watson Visual Recognition — Custom Models

Recognizing objects and patterns in images and video used to be a complicated task that was only available to Data Scientists and Software Engineers familiar with Machine Learning…..

by upkar

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I also wrote an article “Tips and tricks for writers” for writers, have a look on it.

That’s it for now, send me ❤️, until next time 😄.





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