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The Crypto Blood Bath: When Will The Crypto Bear Market End?

Bear Market

1. What Caused This Recent Crypto Bear Market?

(a) Feds

The Feds
  • Printed more money: It printed over $3 trillion, of which up to $600 was airdropped to people monthly, while the rest went to the purchase of securities and bonds to bolster liquidity.
  • Lowered interest rate: It reduced bank interest rates from 1%-1.25% down to 0%-0.25%.

(b) War

War In Ukraine and Russia

© The Terra Network

Terra Dump

(d) The Collapse Of Crypto Lending Platforms

Cefi Lending Saga

(e) The Ripple Effect

Btc Ripple Effect

2. When Will The Crypto Bear Market End?

Crypto Market Cycle

3. How To Stay Profitable In A Bear Market

– Generate Passive income

– Invest in launchpads


– Find a crypto job

– Trade like a pro

Heads up!


4. Conclusion



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