The Dog Show

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2 min readMar 10, 2023


Photo by Jeyakumaran Mayooresan on Unsplash

Crypto used to be cool, now it is a dog show…

Besides the meme coin dog show such as Dogecoin, Shiba, Floki and many other dog-related image coins, many are not functioning as what the coin is supposed to be.

People judges crypto on how popular they are.

That is all.

No more than trying to understand how the blockchain works and what makes the crypto unique than others.

Rather, people looks how fast they can turn around their profits overnight.

If you are looking to hold one day and dump the next day, you are likely missing the point about the crypto.

There are much more than just making quick profits.

Crypto is one of the hope that we can make current financial system and social system change.

From a centralized system to more toward to decentralization, crypto brings power back to people.

Otherwise, a centralized system can operate as it is for longer than ever.

You may not ever have a chance to change your future.

But crypto now is a dog show. Despite how good dog can hunt or not, it is about how popular the dog can perform to impress judges like you.

That is not the purpose of the crypto.

If we prefer such crypto influence, then the current financial system is better.

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