The Future of Bitcoin: Unlocking Bitcoin DeFi With NUSD from BAMK

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In a recent episode of The Block Runner podcast, hosts William and IMan were joined by special guest Jack Liu from The discussion centered around the groundbreaking developments in the Bitcoin ecosystem, particularly the introduction of the synthetic dollar, NUSD (Nakamoto USD), and its implications for decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The video is about an hour long, below we’ll go over the important parts. This article will take you about 3 minutes to read. Enjoy.

Understanding Synthetic Dollars

Jack Liu explained that NUSD, or Nakamoto USD, is currently the only synthetic dollar or stablecoin-like asset on the Bitcoin blockchain. Unlike traditional stablecoins like USDT or USDC, which are backed by fiat currency held in bank accounts, NUSD is part of a new wave of synthetic assets. These assets are backed by positions in on-chain derivatives rather than fiat reserves.

Liu highlighted the evolution of these dollar-type assets, describing NUSD as part of the third generation. The first generation includes stablecoins like USDT and USDC, which are backed by actual dollars in bank accounts. The second generation, including algorithmic stablecoins like Terra Luna, relies on mathematical algorithms rather than real assets. The third generation, exemplified by NUSD, involves synthetic dollars backed by long and short positions in Bitcoin futures, creating a delta-neutral setup that generates yield for NUSD holders.

The Mechanics of NUSD

NUSD’s unique setup leverages the perpetual swaps market, where traders often take long positions. This creates net interest for the short positions, which is passed on to NUSD holders. This mechanism not only stabilizes NUSD but also provides a sustainable yield, differentiating it from other stablecoins that rely on fiat-backed models.

BAMK, the protocol meme token associated with NUSD, operates on a similar principle to Bitcoin mining. Just as Bitcoin miners receive rewards for securing the network, NUSD holders receive BAMK tokens as a form of yield. This innovative approach integrates meme culture with serious financial mechanisms, attracting both retail investors and institutional participants.

DeFi on Bitcoin: A New Frontier

The discussion also delved into the broader implications of NUSD for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Liu emphasized that Bitcoin DeFi has been hampered by the lack of stablecoin assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. With NUSD, users can now access a synthetic dollar without moving their assets off-chain, fostering a more seamless and integrated DeFi experience.

Liu highlighted that NUSD’s presence on multiple platforms and protocols, including BRC20 and Runes, allows for diverse use cases and liquidity pools. This versatility positions NUSD as a foundational element for Bitcoin-based DeFi, enabling users to trade, lend, and borrow against their assets directly on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Institutional Interest and Market Growth

One of the most significant announcements during the podcast was the commitment of UTXO Fund, a prominent Bitcoin ecosystem fund, to invest $1 million in NUSD. This investment not only validates the potential of NUSD but also signals a broader institutional interest in Bitcoin-based DeFi solutions.

Liu explained that the growth of NUSD is not solely dependent on individual users but also on institutional participation. As more institutions recognize the value and stability of synthetic dollars, the total value locked (TVL) in NUSD is expected to increase, driving further adoption and liquidity.

The Future of Bitcoin and DeFi

Looking ahead, Liu and the hosts discussed the potential for NUSD and Bitcoin-based DeFi to reshape the financial landscape. The introduction of Bitcoin ETFs and the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin as a legitimate financial asset are poised to bring more capital and liquidity into the space.

Liu emphasized that the integration of synthetic dollars like NUSD into the Bitcoin ecosystem represents a critical step in the evolution of DeFi. By providing a stable, on-chain dollar alternative, NUSD addresses a fundamental need for risk management and liquidity in the burgeoning Bitcoin DeFi sector.


The conversation on The Block Runner podcast underscores the transformative potential of synthetic dollars and DeFi on Bitcoin. NUSD, with its innovative design and growing institutional support, is set to play a pivotal role in this evolution. As the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to mature, the integration of stable, synthetic assets like NUSD will be crucial in unlocking new market opportunities and driving the next wave of financial innovation on the blockchain.

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