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A Motley Crew Came to Bitcoin Lake to Learn about Bitcoin and Opportunity

The Holy Grail, a Pot of Gold and Hidden Jewels

Breakfast Meeting for Networking and Sharing Ideas — paid in Bitcoin, of course.
Kate (closest to view) and Madaket teaching the children at Centro Educativo Josue. Josue (farthest from view) is translating
Fabu teaching the kids to assemble the seed signer
Nancy (left) and Mel discussing starting English classes at the school (Eliazar is center)
People from around the world sent satoshis to Monkey Pizza so the kids could enjoy pizza!
Current state of Bitcoin Adoption in Panajachel
Bitcoin Beach Wallet “Hack” — telephone #’s added to tuk tuk driver pins so you can call for a BTC ride — thanks to support from BBW and Galoy

The Holy Grail

The Pot of Gold at The End of The Rainbow

Bill Whittaker assessing essentially “NIB” Biodigesters that have never been used

Hidden Jewels

Bitcoin Pizza Day meet up in Guatemala City. Cesar Tanchez — standing (left)
Meeting with Indigenous leaders in the public library. Ben Weiss far left corner taking notes.

Out of the Wood Work

Jim Shewchuk — enjoying pizza at Amaranto. Paid in Bitcoin, of course.
Fabu and Mel. Swiss nationals by way of Colombia.
Our first Bitcoin tourists (Eliazar center)
Eliazar showing off one of our Ts
Jim signing the Bitcoin wall at the school
From left to right: Mario, Me, Mayor Piedrasanta, Cesar, Marco, Victor

Lago Bitcoin and the Quetzal

Stylized Quetzal Bird in Lago Bitcon

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