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The IDO is Dead — Long Live the ILO

What is IDO?

What is ILO and why is it so cool?

What is the difference?

  • Investors may sell their NFTs (and the tokens inside) prior to the TGE, Cliff and Vesting periods. Thus, ILO makes their investment more liquid
  • In some projects NFTs have a lot of utility functions, so that many people do not even unwrap them. Such as, NFT staking, special terms of using services, bonuses or premium accesses in the games, access to VIP events or private chats with founders, etc
  • For crypto projects ILO is a way to keep more tokens from going into circulation — so, less pressure will be on the project’s token price
  • Moreover, for projects NFTs may be an additional source of income — they may set commission for each deal with NFTs

What’s the issue here?

Why is ILO so awesome?

Suitable Tokenomics Models for the ILO or Why We Should Think More Forward?

How does it work at 8.Finance?

  • We will mint only 1000 NFTs:
  • 800 NFTs are the basic (for purchase 8F tokens from 1000 USDT to 5000 USDT),
  • 200 NFTs are unique (for purchase 8F tokens from 5000 USDT and more)
  • The name of NFT collection is Crazy Owls — you can find their design here —

Utility functions:

  • Owners may sell/ transfer NFTs before the TGE, Cliff and Vesting
  • Put them on Staking with a 30% yield in tokens
  • Get access to unique Tournaments and events in the Snake for Crypto game
  • Get unique starter pack and limited skins in Snake for Crypto game
  • Get access to a private VIP chat for NFT holders
  • Access to the closed events of 8.Finance and our partners

We welcome you to read more about our NFTs and purchase them —


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