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The Lightning Network ⚡ will revolutionize a revolution or why HODLing is not the solution but part of the problem!

Bitcoin is dead, long live Bitcoin!

The Lightning Network no revolution without evolution!

Bitcoin is going to invent itself — again! Understand the Lightning Network!

Is bitcoin a fail?

And the future?

Frolicking, the savior is near!

  • Instant transactions with the speed of light
  • Low to no fees for low transactions
  • Low volume transactions down to 1 Satoshi
  • No direct public inview in your transaction history
  • Easy swapping of Bitcoin to Litecoin, Groestl or Dogecoin within the channel (Atomic Swaps)
  • Due to its p2p-nature the Lightning Network is “unblockable”
This is already a description of how the Lightning Network works.

HODL now, use later!

  • lnd — an Lightning Network client with optional use of light clients later, also hooks for several visualizing options
  • eclair — an elegant implementation (focusing on mobile devices — I am not sure)
  • clightning — Lightning Client written in C, beta status already, providing base for several apps like payment plugins for woocommerce, tipping, or payment per article
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