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WiseStrat displays the opportune moments to enter a long or short trade with extreme accuracy on FX, Crypto, QQQ…

The WiseStrat setup on QQQ

How does it work?

Since I took over at SwingSwiss, I’ve made it a point to dig through and review every version, archive, and indicator ever published by the company. As a result, I came across this draft of a multi-timeframe strategy based on the startup’s flagship tool, the Trend Analyzer.

The Trend Analyzer, more commonly called the TA, is a momentum oscillator developed by SwingSwiss in 2018. As its name suggests, it aims to define the current trend of an asset (relative to the chart TF) and detect possible reversals.

The Trend Analyzer: Green — Bullish, Red — Bearish, Orange — Reversal

It is the basis of many SwingSwiss indicators and a reliable tool.

As you may have read in the last story, I was very disappointed with the former management refusing to develop strategies requiring some work from users.

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Unfortunately, Pine (TradingView programming language) does not support MTF (multi-timeframe) tools without generating a lot of glitches. However, the best use of the Trend Analyzer is to compare it to its value on other timeframes!

Because performance is more important than convenience and because every trader should be able to figure out a few things on his own, I decided to update this strategy, which was very promising.

Stop Trusting automated tools. Put on some work! — Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

WiseStrat follows the same rule as the Bionic Strat. It is based on the belief that indicators and trading tools only assist traders and are not supposed to perform all the work automatically.

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A simple line: green means it’s time to look for a long trade and red for a short trade. What is so beautiful about it? it works on the 15MN TF, 4H TF and Daily TF.


We will filter these signals in 2 steps:

  • We will start by looking at the Trend Analyzer, which is three times superior to our chart. We are trading the Daily chart; hence we will opt for the three days TA. If the TAx3 rejects the signal, we drop the trade. On the other hand, if it verifies it, we proceed to the 2nd step.
  • We will confirm the trade with the Trend Analyzer, which is three times inferior to our chart, the 8 hours TA.

If TAx-3 rejects the signal, we drop the trade. But, on the other hand, if it confirms it, we finally have a position!

These steps are essential and only require a few seconds of intention, but they substantially improve your win rate.

Template: you can copy and implement my setup in one click by following that link: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/fKUBsXH4/

Documentation: you will find the doc as well as the steps to follow to find entries following that link: https://swingswiss.gitbook.io/companion/

Just a little taste:

Last six entries on $ETH
Last six entries on $EURUSD
Last seven entries on $QQQ

If you want to access WiseStrat, the Bionic Strategy, as well as the Companion tools or simply want to chat, feel free to contact me on Telegram!

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