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The Marketing Ponzification of Bitcoin ($BTC)

Michael Saylor: The “Ponzi Lord”

  • No discussion on the technology: This is a major red flag. An investor and executive of a technology business that never looks into how BTC works.
  • Promises of extreme returns: Bitcoin at 1/10/100 million USD!, “to the Moon!”
  • The pressure to act now: “Buy before it is too late” Now it is the best time to buy. I’m buying and hodl for the next 10/20/300 years.
  • The financial instability argument: Have fun staying poor (a.k.a. HFSP…)
  • The need for more investors: Baiting “banana republic” governments
  • Pressure to reinvest: The “buy more and hodl” notion. While many profited from this earlier there is no guarantee that BTC will keep rising, especially when everyone knows the network is not working (high fees, low speed), or when the price of the asset is 50,000 times higher than 10 years ago. There is an finite number of fools. ( The Greater Fool Theory)

In Conclusion

Me Got Diamond Hands! To the moon!, Source
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