The most anonymous cryptocurrencies
Apr 18, 2018 · 4 min read

After a rapid rise in the price of cryptocurrencies at the end of the last year, the digital money industry attracted great attention. However, many investors refrain from investing because of the constant scandals related to security problems. For example, the most popular digital currency — bitcoin — is not the most anonymous one. Its transactions can be tracked. Many types of digital money offer better protection for your data. Anonymous cryptocurrencies keep users’ transactions, date, amount of funds and other data impossible to track and reduce the likelihood of being hacked in different ways. Consider the top 5 most secure cryptocurrencies.

Monero was launched in the spring of 2014 and it is one of the three cryptocurrencies for which the CryptoNight algorithm was used. Many experts believe that it is impossible to hack and track transactions on it. The creators of Monero finalized the algorithm and achieved the maximum level of anonymity. Due to reliable protection, digital currency is often used by attackers to create virus miners.

ZCash was founded in October 2016 in an effort to address an open financial system with the privacy feature that internet users wanted. There are two kinds of addresses in ZCash: Transparent and Private. The transparent addresses (T-adresses) behave exactly like Bitcoin, including their globally public properties. The shielded addresses (Z-adresses) is fully private addresses which use the zero-knowledge proving system to shield a transaction and balance privacy.

Dash cryptocurrency appeared in 2015. It has gone through some rebranding, earlier it could be found on specific exchanges under the names of XCoin and DarkCoin. The main feature of this cryptocurrency is a special architecture of the platform, which makes hacking extremely difficult. Transactions with digital currency are protected by DarkSend, which does not allow to obtain data about the sender, recipient, date and amount of the transaction.

A little-known cryptocoin that is unfairly ignored by the community. Its peculiarity is an exceptional degree of anonymity. DeepOnion is integrated with TOR system. A special encryption system is used to log in. The client has a built-in VPN that changes the location of the user. So if you need to hide your position, with DeepOnion it’s the easiest thing to do.

This cryptocurrency appeared as a result of Zcoin hardfork. It uses a special technology to protect user information. In particular, the chain includes information arranged randomly. To decode them and put in the correct position, having eliminated unnecessary, is impossible. Accordingly, the degree of anonymity in Smartcash is extremely high.

Verge is based on the Bitcoin blockchain with multiple anonymity-сentric network adaptations. A unique element of Verge is the manner in which it integrates with both TOR, free software to enable anonymous communication, and I2P, which provides users with multiple layers of anonymization.

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Coinmonks is a non-profit Crypto educational publication.


Coinmonks is a non-profit Crypto educational publication. Follow us on Twitter @coinmonks Our other project -

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Coinmonks is a non-profit Crypto educational publication. Follow us on Twitter @coinmonks Our other project -