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The Next Big Thing in DeFi?

How DeFi and Web3 are integrated through this platform?

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Are you Still early on this Next Big Thing?

The crypto space has grown to such an extent that it is difficult to track the most critical updates and potential ventures. DeFi and Web3 are a few trending topics on the Internet, including Twitter and other social media. Every day, you will find countless news and updates in the media, and so there are chances that you may miss the next big things happening around, which is not much covered publicly.

Today’s article covers this Could be” next big thing. This next big thing is neither a token nor a coin, at least for now. It is, apparently, a free platform that solves many issues that we as investors face while trading and maintaining our different investment platforms in crypto.

If you happen to be in this space for quite some time, you might have created private wallets such as Metamask, Binance Wallet, Sollet, etc. If you have not, let me know in the comments.

Do you find it challenging to access these wallets in isolation individually?

Moreover, with DeFi becoming a lucrative platform to earn yields just the way gains are earned in Traditional banking by lending and depositing assets, many DeFi platforms are running and providing services. As an investor, we always look out for money-making platforms to take advantage of this technology, and there are such platforms where you can earn an excellent hefty yield in the likes of 100%, or 200% or 500%, or sometimes more than 1000% (when it is not a rug pull).

Do you find it challenging to keep track of those DeFi platforms where you invested? Do you find it challenging to calculate the yields generated daily?

If answers to all the above questions are yes, you need to use this free platform.

This platform is Zapper. Fi. Formerly known as DeFiZap, Zapper was founded in 2019 in the United States. Since its inception, Zapper has continuously upgraded itself to accommodate investors’ needs. It has made DeFi and web3 accessible through its easy User interface and supports most major Blockchain Networks. It has reached 1 million monthly active users back in December 2021, surpassing $10 billion in total transaction volume, and is growing gradually.

With Zapper, you can access most of your private wallets together as a list of assets. It also aggregates most of DeFi deposits, savings, Liquidity pools, etc., through its wallet integration.

Zapper is a platform borne out of community grants and needs. It has many well-known pre-seed investors as backers and advisors born out of the Web community.

But why is this important concerning the next big thing?

It has come a long way since its inception. A platform such as Gitcoin, powered by Ethereum Development needs, is one such community that airdropped its token to push its way forward, thus making most people, who used it early-stage, earn lots of money. Similarly, Ethereum Name Service(ENS), Badger, etc., also adopted the same approach by airdropping its token.

So is Zapper adopting the same approach?

We do not know, at this stage, as Zapper has not rolled out its plan of action. But in my opinion, Zapper could launch their token soon this year or maybe next year with potential airdrops for those using Zapper.

And so, the potential of getting free Zapper tokens increases, and this could become a moneymaker if Zapper tokens are listed at a premium price.

However, these are all my assumptions, and there could be no such things.

Even then, there is no harm in using the Zapper platform as it solves several daily issues by bridging most wallets and their assets in one single platform.

You can also use this platform to make regular transactions such as DeFi deposits, Swapping tokens, Bridging assets, etc.

But, how can we be eligible, if it ever happens?

So to be eligible for a potential token airdrop, one can start using Zapper. Even if you start today, the likelihood of getting those airdrops increases. In my opinion, one of the tighter eligibility that Zapper can make is to complete its quest launched seasonally.

Every season, Zapper launches its quest once a year by creating milestones such as logging in daily, making transactions of token swaps, deposits, liquidity pools, etc. These quests are to be completed by users, and on completion, you get XP points which can be used to mint Zapper NFTs for free except for the gas cost associated with minting them.

As of now, Zapper Season 2 has already expired. They will probably be launching Season 3 soon, and hence using Zapper from today will give you that edge over others to be in the forefront of this Web3 space.

Wrapping up here, I hope that you found this article insightful and engaging. I also write about other interesting topics, which you can see by visiting my profile and following me for more updates.

Disclaimer: None of the content, in part or whole, articulated here is any financial advice. This article is about a part of my investment philosophy and a medium to generate awareness in the financial journey. Please consult your financial advisor before making any financial decision.

Apologies for the above disclaimer!

So, did you like the content? If you did not, please drop a comment to share your feedback. I hope you enjoyed the content and added another pill of knowledge to your list. If you like the content, please let me know through any means conveniently, as this would help and motivate me to write more valuable content for you. For more articles and updates, please follow my page



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