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2 min readFeb 10, 2023


Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

Technology isn’t always directly translate to what we desire it to become.

For example, we wish social media to become a place to keep in touch of others but it created another whole new level of distrust and misinformation that spread like a Pandemic.

Be careful of your wishes!

Like AI we think they can bring up a new level of the game in the creative industry and possibly to replace writers like you and me, but can they?

It seems they are very powerful to execute what we want them to, but does that eventually translate to what you desire?

I am sure they can write up an email that better than humans did and in a faster pace, but does the email really translate your intend of the desire?

There is a misconception around the internet that people are seeking a magic formula or a program, or a piece of software to spell out your desire and give you a correct answer about life.

Like crypto, it has to be the answer of the current corrupted financial system.

Similarly, AI has to be the ultimate solution of our miserable job.

Or Tesla has to be a must-owned car to show people you care about the future of energy conservation.

Well, it does not sound right…

They all part of an alternative that you choose from, and it does not mean you have to choose from those only options.

The path is available for you but you have a choice not to choose.

If you do not choose, it does not mean you are out of the picture.

It only means you have other opinions about such technology or there are yet better opinions to fit your lifestyle.

Don’t be a fool only to choose limited selections.

You are likely making mistakes you will later realize it…

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