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The only way to support a revolution is to make your own

Coinmonks’ weekly letter — 05

I live in India where currently 493 million people using internet, everyone has smart phones and data(3G/4G) cost is less then 2$/month. Indians need lot of basic financial education, so we can have financial inclusion of 1.3 billion people, here everyone is getting a bank account now and there are TV ads about mutual funds everywhere. In my view, India should leapfrog this financial revolution with the help crypto.

When people don’t know how to fill a bank deposit form but know how to operate a smart phone. You should rethink all the fundamental systems in place.

Now let’s jump on this week’s highlights. 👇

  • BlackRock Exploring Crypto
  • Messaging Giant LINE’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Begins Global Operations
  • Thiel and Bitmain Lead Investment Round in Block.One
  • Microsoft asks the U.S. Congress to regulate face recognition.

Quote of the Week-

“The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you’re willing to sacrifice.” ― Nathan W. Morris

Now let’s dive into this weeks best stories. 👇


How to create certificates on the Ethereum blockchain — Part 1

Putting your words on the blockchain makes it immutable. You won’t rely on any governments or institutions to keep your records. Instead, we’ll rely on over 16,000 nodes around the world, running to secure the network, owned by people like you or me.

By Nicole Zhu

Integrating physical devices with IOTA — Adding a user interface

In this tutorial we will be using an Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to provide a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) for our IOTA payment system.

By Hugo Gregersen

Collateralizing Rural Loans with Non-fungible Tokens

As the world continues to modernize, and globalization becomes synonymous to ‘business as normal,’ banks have shifted their focus in the provision of financial services from small businesses and commercial accounts to multinational lending and complex offerings ..

By Robert Greenfield IV

Designing a decentralized incentive userfeed network

The way we interact on the internet is very hectic at this moment. We are connected to many types of services and it is up to us to get the real value of the content that we are consuming.

By Agnieszka Zimolag

The Lightning Network: How to install and (hopefully) make money

Lightning is an intriguing new technology that promises (lightning) fast transactions at a scale that is unheard of for Bitcoin. And now that Lightning is live on the Bitcoin mainnet, it is also a potential money maker.

By Ronald Mannak

Getting Started with EOSJS

To easily understand what EOSJS is, think of it as a library that was made to easily control the EOS blockchain with Javascript.

By ITAM Network

Artificial Intelligence

Our beautiful immune system in action — Modeling an interactive neural network

Complex as it is, our immune system can track menace in different and fascinating ways, using different types of white cells laying each of them on several approaches to do this.

By Natalia Pattarone

How Will We Feel in the Machine Age?

These are the words of the closing monologue of the movie Call Me By Your Name (based on the namesake book by Andre Aciman); the monologue of the father, Mr. Perlman, who assures his son Ellio of the inconceivable magnitude of emotions, insisting that even the most conflicted ones are better than none.

By Tim Leberecht

Do you like the title? It’s a quote by Abbie_Hoffman

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